Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tantrum Territory

Right. Today I feel cross. Because of the following:
1) My back hurts so much. It's extremely painful, and no matter how much I try to avoid lifting stuff at work I still end up having to. Fucking hell.
2) Some people are REALLY pissing me off today. Like, so much that when they so much as glance in my direction I try really hard to make them explode with the power of sheer unadulterated irritation.
3) My hair is SHIT.
4) My back hurts.
5) It's not lunchtime yet. I was told yesterday that because I had to leave work an hour early that I couldn't take my lunch hour yesterday or today. That's TWO hours I'm making up. I never even take an hour anyway, but now I want one more than anything because I really need to go somewhere and chill out properly and read my book.. and I CAN'T. Sob.
6) I'm hungry.
7) It annoys me that all these things are just all little and probably meaningless and yet all together they make me SO CROSS.
8) I stood next to a REALLY beautiful Brazilian-looking woman on the tube this morning. She was all tanned and perfect and immaculately clad. I am wearing shit clothes and I have already mentioned the state of my hair. I hated myself and this woman in equal amounts.
10) I can't even count.
Somebody? Anybody? I think I need a massage, a haircut, and a hug.


Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

I hate those kind of days....maybe tomorrow will be better.

3:25 pm

Anonymous Chris said...

I saw that Brazilian woman later in the day. She was still on the tube. When challenged, she confessed that she spends her working week going round and round on the circle line.
She is paid to do this by local shops and salons, who are consequently inundated with dissatisfied women with inferiority complexes needing a quick fix. It's a real earner.
Next time, remember, do not get disgruntled. The woman probably spends her life in sweaty tube carriages and being Brazilian, has a permanent wedgy.
This should then make you feel a lot better allowing you to enjoy your day.
Alternatively, kick her really hard in the shins and make a run for it.

4:08 pm

Blogger Bug said...

And the worst thing about the gorgeous, perfect model-looking women of the world, who you want so badly to loathe? They almost always turn out to be really, really nice. When you're talking to them in the loos at a nightclub. Ever notice how the only time girls ever REALLY get along is in nightclub loos?

2:59 pm

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2:40 pm

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