Monday, June 21, 2010


Didn't I mention I was going away? I'm sure everyone has been weeping softly into their RSS feeds all week, not knowing what to do with themselves without me there to tell them that it's hot in Manchester and I am poor.

It's hot in Manchester. I am poor.

I have spent the past week in the Outer Hebrides, on the magical (not literally) (although maybe) Isle of Lewis. My Mum and Dad whisked Ben and me away from the trials of inner city life (see: screaming neighbours, financial woe, the cat) to the remote island, where we were plied with wonderful food and majestic scenery. We stayed in a beautiful guest house - Baile na Cille. Our bedroom had implausibly stunning views and a sofa in it, a far remove from the two metre wide room we share here with its crumbling red brick outlook. The beach there is as wide as the sky.

We went out on a boat, looked at other islands, saw basking sharks and seals and big birds that we are going to believe are eagles, went fishing, actually caught fish, actually gutted fish, actually ate fish, walked up hills, walked down hills, ran out of words for the views, learned to play bar billiards (thanks, James), lost many times at bar billiards (again, thanks, James), played table football (ditto), lost many times at table football (ditto), ate loads, got taken to a ramshackle beachside bar in the middle of the night where we were force-fed port and fun, and generally had a fabulous time.

(Last time I went on holiday and then wrote about it in a blog post someone said I was doing "Léonie as Bill Bryson". Obviously I am totally over it, given that it was well over a year ago and I am of course not that sensitive. Anyway, I like Bill Bryson.)

The weekend before that we were in Leeds for the concert at the end of the project I have been part of for the last ten months. It was wonderful, could not have gone better. It took a few days before the post-event anxiety dreams started to trickle through, but they are here now. Last night I had to do the whole thing again but I hadn't washed my hair and they had changed all the music at the last minute. Also someone was playing the trumpet incessantly. I look forward to at least three more weeks of this, but I promise this will not become an "Analyse My Dreams!" blog. (What do trumpets mean, though? Are all my teeth about to fall out? Is the cat going to win a tombola? Help!)

Now I am floundering in a no-money state of delirium. I am trying to get shifts at the café, but without much luck. My other money-making technique, staring out of the window feeling anxious, is not proving very successful either. I am considering doing a Musical Theatre Holiday Club for kids, which just involves backing tracks, a church hall and watching Glee for "research purposes".

I need to prepare for some festivals, as well. Ben and I are performing at Shambala, and I am performing with Eggs Collective at Big Chill.

The sun is shining. I feel that I should be outside, leaping ecstatically through a sprinkler. It is not to be, though, for I must persevere with my fortune-building. Please let me know if you have any ideas, particularly if they involve sprinklers or songs from the shows.


Anonymous Lucy said...

Sorry Léonie, couldn't resist - 'To see or hear a trumpet in your dream, signifies some sort of warning or danger that you have found yourself in. It may be a way for your subconscious to get your attention.'


(I also totally want in on your Musical Theatre workshop for kids. I have done lots of relevant 'research' of late.)

3:32 pm

Blogger Ellie said...

I'm sure there are lots of people who would pay to watch you run through sprinklers.

8:33 pm

Anonymous James said...

trumpets in dreams signify your excitement for the vuvuzela and the world cup? Love the musical theatre holiday camp idea but it would sound better if it was in a park (not inside). As far as money making ideas go...last week I would have said we needed someone to pick the mushrooms up on the billiards table but this week they don't seem to be falling nearly as much!

10:41 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Thanks, Lucy! Warning or danger, right, OK. I will keep a very close eye on the cat.
Let's create workshops that we can deliver in our respective metropoli (definitely a word). That way we can put our combined choreography skills to work. My plan is just to scream "can't you just LOOK like dancers?" at the children until they cry.

Ellie, ah, you're lovely. Can you still get £250 for sending stuff into You've Been Framed? I think that'd be my only hope.

James! Enough of your cheek. I am excellent at billiards, just didn't want to show you up in your own home.

11:56 pm


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