Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Holy Shit McShit

Have you ever seen/owned those Mac eyeshadow powders in the little pots? You know, the loose powder?
I did.
Once upon a time.
Not now though.
Because it has just exploded all over my bag.
That stuff doesn't want to go anywhere in a hurry. It's stuck. I have brown all over my hands and arms and face, in my eyes, up my nose, under my nails. Every nook and cranny.
Holy shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh...i feel your pain, ive done that, in a suitcase! but it was barry m because im cheap. i had pink gliterry shoes, i half wish it hadnt come off...

7:50 pm

Blogger Bug said...

Oh lordy, that stuff NEVER comes out! I had to throw away a perfectly good (and terribly cute) handbag cos everything I put in it turned purple

Hmm, maybe you can use it as an excuse to buy yourself more makeup and a new bag - although do you need an excuse, really? :)

3:20 am


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