Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh, Fickle Muse

I've been trying to write a song.

I was sitting day-dreamily in the fluorescent office today, idly moving bits of paper this way and that, when an idea landed. A song. I chased it and followed it, then wrote it down.

Upon arriving home I dashed upstairs to record it. I got the bit of paper with its pencil scribblings out and smoothed it in front of me. I opened my music software and turned on the microphone.

I pressed record, a flutter of excitement in my chest.

I started to sing.

I faltered, and stopped recording.

I had nothing.

Some words on some paper, some hastily scratched out staves littered with muddles of crochets and quavers, but no song. No sound. Nothing.

I tried again. I clicked open my iTunes for inspiration. I experimented with some bass sounds. I made some tea.


I suppose I am grateful that there seems to be an essence of an idea still there. I need to come up with something good to take to the studio when my producer gets back from his sunny honeymoon in a few weeks. I think he'll like this idea.

Tomorrow I will go back to the office and sit under the fluorescent lights obediently, waiting for inspiration to meander my way once more.


Blogger Clarissa said...

inspiration dripping from the florescent buzz from above?

11:17 pm

Anonymous Robert said...

Wait! You post could be the opening lyrics to the song:

I was sitting [I was sitting]
Day-dreamily in the fluorescent office today
Idly moving [Idly moving]
bits of paper this way /

And that waaaaaaas when,
An idea landed.

A song.

[shoop-de-doop, A song, oh yeah]

I chased it [yeah!]
And followed it [yeah yeah]
Then wrote it...
Down. [oh yeah I wrote it down]

Et cetera. Its so easy, I don't know what your problem is.

2:47 pm

Blogger a view of many windows said...

beautiful! xx

7:29 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Uh.. yes.. what Robert said. Um.. right.

Anyway, that sassy muse will be back in no time. Of course, you'll be out doing errands, but if she finds candy (or a magic pony) I bet she'll wait.

8:44 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Clarissa- Oh God. I'm going to have to sit in Luton for the rest of my life waiting for inspiration to drip onto my head. Recruitment consultancy beckons...

Robert - "[shoop-de-doop, A song, oh yeah]" is brilliant. When I next write an ironic soul-influenced musical I will totally bear that in mind.

Impish/View/Sophie of Wonderful New Blog - I love you... xxx

Miss D - She will find a magical pony and me, both of us eagerly receptive.... No candy, though, because Sparkle and I are on bikini diets.

2:47 am


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