Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Every year it's the same. I get really excited about my birthday: tell everybody, plan outfits, dream of shoes (possibly unrelated). The week leading up to it is filled with plans and excitement. Then I wake up on my actual birthday and remember that I don't really like it very much. There is too much pressure, too much build-up and it is invariably an anti-climax. It was the same today. I shuddered awake from a dream in which I was a dinner lady at my old school (which sort of puts on perspective all the worries I had about not having achieved anything yet) and thought, Oh. I am twenty-five today. Huh.

I am going to the pub later on, but celebrating properly on Saturday. Before that, though, I am off to do some Birthday Temping in a Birthday Office, where I will Birthday Sulk until I get to leave. Early. Sorry, Birthday Early (which means really very early).

I must go and put on some Birthday Clothes (which is not the same as a Birthday Suit - that was deemed "inappropriate" by those prudes at the Social Services) and continue to wander around aimlessly until I am twenty-six.


Anonymous anna said...

Happy Birthday, poppet. May your birthday sulk result in lots of temporary birthday colleagues buying you birthday muffins.

11:32 am

Anonymous Equine Pimp said...

Happy Birthday even though you have just made me feel very old.

My six day old daughter wishes you happy birthday as well and wants to know if she gets a prize as your youngest reader.

12:11 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope Birthday Temping is more exciting than normal temping. Tuesday is usually the worst day of the week to have a birthday, but I am sure some wonderful things will happen to brighten your day later :o)

If not, go and treat yourself to the biggest Birthday cream cake that you can find!

12:19 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

Happy Birthday to you (sung badly off key and out of tune, as unlike you I cannot sing)

Have a top day, and as Anna says et some sulk muffins. Or cup cakes. Cup cakes and birthdays go rather well.

/leave to go buy a cup cake

1:27 pm

Blogger Jonathan Zero said...

Birthday Greetings to you. I feel the same way about my birthday and the older I get, the less enjoyable it becomes.
Anyway, make the most of it and enjoy your day once you are done at the office.

3:23 pm

Anonymous andre said...

Happy birthday my friend, happy birthday.


4:00 pm

Anonymous paul said...

Oh, I don't get this sort of thing. Birthdays are ace, a perfect excuse for presents and parties and yayness. I generally try to make them last at least three whole days if at all possible; as I am also hitting the quarter-century this year, celebrations will probably stretch for a week or so. Happy Birthday!

6:50 pm

Blogger Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday funny girl!

I think you'll be looking forward to your birthday for the rest of your life. I try to play it cool, but inside I always get super excited.

7:34 pm

Anonymous greavsie said...


You should always organise plenty of Birthdays - official and otherwise, then you can be assured one will work just right for you.

Happy Birthday! xx

8:27 pm

Anonymous impish little sister said...

yes happy birthday my loveliest léonie girl xxxxxxxxxxxx ps. might be best if we arrange a trip to paris for you pretty soon to get your book and bag and lots of croissants of course

10:21 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy day after your birthday..! wouldnt let me comment yesterday, just keep telling people its your birthday until whichever day people give you the most presents, especially cake based ones..

1:23 pm

Blogger Huw said...

I hope the birthday spreadsheets behaved themselves...

12:48 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Well, look on the bright side sugar.. I'm more than 1/2 way to my 36th! Ahh to be 10 years younger.. well, ok, I wouldn't exactly go back. No one believes I'm over 26 so I'm ok w/ that.. You however - a fresh 14. But you know, more mature of course. :) Happy happy!

1:33 am


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