Monday, August 06, 2007

Boredom and Excitement

I have been busy. Super-busy.

At least, I think I have. It seems that things at the moment swing dramatically between being horribly static to being utterly frantic in such a short space of time that it causes my head to whirl right off into the paths of bemused passers-by.

Today, for example, I had lots to do. I wrote a big, long and complicated list in my neatest scrawl. I put some things on there I had already done, because that is allowed ("Write list. Check!") but even with that aside it was fairly substantial. Yet somehow I still found time to be bored, wonder where my life was going and feel a bit confused. If I could use the time I spent worrying about how I am spending my time in a useful manner I am sure I would have a considerably more pro-active existence. I am sure that once you untangle that sentence, throw in some decent grammar and work out what it means, you might just feel the same way.

I spoke to my Impish Little Sister (at some point, when she has developed a French accent from living in Paris for so long, I will begin to call her my Eeempeesh Leettle Seester, but this point has not yet arrived) today. She was lying on the floor of her apartment drinking coffee and enjoying the fact that she is not at work for two weeks. At any minute, she claimed, she was going to get right up and do something useful, but not until the coffee kicked in. Her friend Emily is staying with her at the moment, and I very much suspected they were going to have a fun day in Paris, possibly involving music and parties, so as soon as I got off the phone I took the dog for a walk to see whether I could pretend we were in Paris. Unfortunately the dog didn't seem to understand the spirit of the game as she seemed a little baffled when I attempted to engage her in conversations about philosophy and make her drink absinthe.

This weekend I am heading up to Edinburgh to hang around enthusiastically at the festival for ten days. I will almost certainly have died of sleep deprivation by the end, but I am hoping it will be worth it. Plenty of my friends are going up, and those who have already arrived have been sending tantalising missives from the Fringe front line, detailing the fun that is being had at this very minute.

I have not much to tell, really. I will leave you with this picture of a band called The Haggis Horns, whose set I saw at the Innocent Village Fete on Saturday. They were excellent, and I very much enjoyed dancing to them.


Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I hope you have a lovely time in Edinburgh. I have always wanted to go but I have never made it. Perhaps next year.....

The idea of the dog drinking absinthe made me giggle, I wonder what effect that would have?

12:58 pm

Blogger Clarissa said...

Like Dancinfairy, I laughed at the thought of drinking absinthe with your dog.

You might want to find Dan of Blurred Clarity blog (see my blogroll) in Edinburgh. He's on show.

Have fun!

xx, c

8:19 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

I hear you on the busy. And I laughed too at you and the puppy drinking absinthe and being French. I want pictures from the festival! Have fun!

1:38 am


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