Friday, June 20, 2008

Single Greatest Achievement To Date

Who wants to come on a coffee date with me?


Blogger Badass Geek said...

I do! Pick me! Please?

5:58 pm

Blogger Jaywalker said...

No, pick me! I know just where it is and I will bring my tractor!

6:11 pm

Blogger girl with the mask said...

I salute you!

6:23 pm

Blogger greavsie said...

Ooh, ohh, drat, I had one of those too..., me, me! I'm not clever or funny and I always have a cappucino moustache but what the heck?

8:51 pm

Blogger justme said...

Huh?? I'm slow.......

10:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AS long as I can lick up the whipped cream ;-)

5:32 pm

Blogger Clarissa said...

OH! That is joy!

8:23 pm

Anonymous Chris B said...

Hi mate!
Save them for me! I miss Nero almost as much as I miss you. Off to California tomorrow (as you do) but back in London next Tuesday (1st July). Looking forward to a pint! Big love x

1:07 am

Blogger Léonie said...

BG - You live in America! That is a long way to travel for a coffee. It would show dedication (and a little too much time on your hands) so if you showed up I would feel rude if I refused your request.

Jaywalker - Hmmm. A tractor is always a factor. Although I would need to take into consideration the fact that the novelty of parking one on Goodge Street and popping in to Nero for a swift machiato would not detract(or) from the novelty of me successfully not losing those little cardy stampy things. Hmm.

Girl With The Mask - Thank you! I am geniunely extremely proud of myself for this. I should get out more, probably.

Greavsie - Cappuccino moustaches are comedy gold! Both clever and funny.

Justme - Every time you buy a coffee you get a stamp on one of those cards, and once you have nine you get a free coffee. I just decided that it would be nicer to have two so that I could take someone on a free coffee date. This is how I buy friends.

Beau - Hmmm... your promise of licking stuff is ok, but would there be tractors? This is not going to be an easy choice.

Clarissa - It IS a joy! I so rarely manage to hold onto stuff. I will start with this and hopefully soon I will move on to bigger things, like sunglasses, phones and possibly even my sanity! Baby steps.

Chris - Hurry home! Can't wait to see you. Pints are a given, of course, and much hanging out as well. Nero misses you too, it told me.

9:38 am

Blogger Jaywalker said...

I left you a foretaste of tractor action on my weblog on Friday Léonie. I am a woman of my word. I am even willing to have my tractor clamped by the good traffic police of the London Borough of Camden.

I promise not to steal your stamped card thunder with my agricultural machinery though.

1:40 pm

Blogger justme said...

Shows I don't buy coffee! have been TAGGED! Which, I dont really understand these rules, but I think means you have to pop over to my blog and answer some questions that I did and then tag some other people But DONT if you don't want to!!

8:00 pm

Anonymous dave said...

Pick me! I will drink the free coffee then BUY you 9 more so you can have another free one and take another photo of your free coffee card!. Which makes 11 coffees each..... We can then circulate round Cafe Nero at well over 78 rpm for many hours. What, don't you remember 78s?

11:52 am


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