Tuesday, May 06, 2008

London Summer (and some photos)

Here are some photos from that gig a few weeks ago. That one where I nearly died of heat exhaustion and then managed to sustain a rather humiliating head injury. In the following photos you will witness the boiled look I was sporting that evening.

London bakes today. People in the office are pushing boundaries by wackily eating ice-lollies at their desks. Sometimes they pause between licks to make the obligatory hilarious comments about global warming.

This week I am going to go Belated Birthday Shopping with my Dad. I will try to steer him towards the pony shop, but if that fails I am going to settle for a microphone and P.A. As in public address, not a personal assistant. Actually, though, if I could combine the pony with the personal assistant I would really feel I'd hit the jackpot. Then I could give it orders down my microphone. "Eat that hay!", or "Swish your tail!". Stuff like that.

Impish Sophie Sister was over from Paris this weekend, which was delightful. She stayed with me in Brixton, something I am very keen for her to do on a more regular basis.

Anyway, here are some pictures. Please remember that it was eighteen hundred degrees in there. I am not normally that neon.


Blogger Mr Farty said...

I believe I've seen just the thing.

Best of luck with Daddy.

10:01 pm

Blogger Badass Geek said...

You are stunning!

11:45 am

Anonymous nuttycow said...

At the risk of sounding repetitive... you really do. I see no evidence of neon.


12:35 pm

Blogger Ys said...

i love the last-but-one pic - shooting the evils at the obnoxious table!

3:38 pm

Blogger greavsie said...

A yellow jacket from your fan club?


6:35 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Good lord girl.. you barely look flushed in the first.. you look nicely rosy in fact.. and in the 2nd you look practically airbrushed you're so gorgeous! Oh dear.. to look like you for 5 min.. I swear.. xo

7:03 am


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