Tuesday, February 07, 2012

If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands

...and rehearsal yesterday was amazing, and then I came home and had my dinner and pretended to tidy up and sent Lowri my thing for our Edinburgh application and then started the washing up and then Ben came back from (That) London where he'd had a great day and said "hey do you wanna go for last orders at the pub" and I took my hands out of the water and said um, yes, and we went and got pints of Guinness and the band was playing including the man with steel drums wearing the "To Hell With Work, Let's Go To Barbados" t-shirt on, we had another Guinness and then came home and stayed up really late chatting and then I woke up when he left to go to (That) Cardiff and I got up and started researching the golden ratio for the meeting Dan and I have today with the Cornerhouse about the commission they're giving us to produce some work and then I got a message from my friend Lily to say that she's coming to Manchester at the weekend and is going to be able to come to the Mother's Ruin Theatrical Spectacular thing I'm performing at with Eggs Collective and I got excited and put it on Facebook and then I went and put the radio on and it was Jeff Buckley's Lover You Should Have Come Over, and I really, really love that song...

And basically, that's why I'm in such a good mood.

Oh, and it's sunny out.

My jollity is only slightly marred by the fact that I have an ever-so-slightly sore finger from where I cut it yesterday on the plunger bit of the cafetiere, probably one of the most middle class injuries ever to be sustained. Perhaps today I will twist an ankle from slipping in some houmous, or get a puy lentil stuck up my nose.

I hope you have a nice day, too. Hopefully one that involves amusing-but-not-life-threatening injuries and a trip to Barbados.


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