Monday, August 15, 2005

If I'm honest, I'm not sure this post has any discernable thread.

(takes a step back in awe)
You look LOVELY today! Have you lost weight? Well, it looks like it. What's your SECRET? Seriously.
(shakes head)

Er. Anyway.

I had a lovely weekend of not doing too much. Had a curry on Friday night. Went swimming on Saturday, then went out, got pissed. Went to a chip shop on the way home.

Mmm. Chips. And the great thing was that there were so many chips! So many! Chips! (Translation: Fries)
In a big paper bag.
So I doused them in salt, vinegar and ketchup and srcunched the bag at the top and shook them all up, so as to allow the condiments to be evenly distributed through the chippily goodness (although, at the time it was more like "Mmm! Chisp! sal.... ketc'p...vineg..vine..vinnie! La la la shaky shaky..") and then WHAM!

The bag broke.

Let's take a moment to mourn those pretty little chips that had so much potential but were RUINED by the fallacious actions of a drink-ravaged Léonie.


It was KIND OF alright in the end, because The Crush tried to salvage some of the chips and put them in his box of chicken (he saved the ones on top of the pile that were only touching other chips, welded together by ketchup). And seeing as they were only on a table in Amir's Chicken (shout out to them) (even though I find their chip bags DISTINCTLY lacking) and not on an actual floor, it was deemed to be acceptable to shove them in my mouth at high speed. So I got some chips and the world breathed a sigh of relief (possibly mixed with boredom).

What else?

Have you seen the film White Noise?


I think it was RUBBISH. The thing is, if it was just rubbish, that might be ok. But it was also REALLY SCARY. I can't explain the logic of that. All I know is that after you have watched it you feel a bit dead inside at the notion that you have been really freaked out by a film which is actually profoundly crap. So, yeah, not a fan of that one.

I have a couple of days off from work tomorrow and Wednesday. I am getting some photos done for my up-and-coming website. I'm going to have photos of me, and sound-clips of the jazz-stylings of, well, me. And other things too. All to do with ME. Again, I embrace the narcissism.
I shall be hanging around London, decked out it my finest floor-length shot-silk Laura Ashley evening-wear, posing horribly.
I'm doing it for my art, people.

On a different (and arguably entirely irrelevant) note right, did you know that ONE in TWENTY people have an extra rib? Seriously.
And also that there are more people in the UK working in Indian restaurants than working in the ENTIRE coal and steel industries? True story.

My GOD I'm interesting. I sometimes shock even myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An extra rib??? Holy crap! Like just one? Just sitting there? Uneven like??

I'm also fascinated by all the things you put on fries. Er.. chips.


6:14 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes! white noise, crap but made me jump lots! i saw it to use up a free evening standard tickety offer thing and thought, well i wasted that one...but still was scared of the radio afterwards

10:54 pm

Blogger Bug said...

Quiet day, love? :)

I love love love love trashy horror movies. They have to scare me properly, but even if they're shitty, I'll usually still love them (like Boogeyman and Wrong Turn - actually, I think Wrong Turn's fantastic)

Lots of people have said that White Noise is utter tripe though. Hmm. I might wait for someone ELSE to get it out of the video store

3:20 am

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

"White Noise" was a very crappy but successfully scary movie. I agree with the fact that it is wrong that something to horrible can still scare the shit out of you. But alas, it sits on the shelf next to the other DVD's I own.

I think you're interesting. Why else would I check this blog 154,693 times a day to see if you've updated?

3:48 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

White Noise is now added to my list of films not to see. Thank you.

That rib thing is freaky. I love random stuff like that.

Was going to be a good blogger friend and email you to tell you how to add the links onto your site but don't have your email address! I learnt all I know from using the help on - it isn't that difficult.

Re Sam watch this space for further updates as the week goes on.

11:38 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1.whats the one place or thing in london you recommend people see or do?
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8:39 pm

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3:07 pm

Blogger Doug said...

Walter is an asshole. It's like a whole new type of spamming.

3:45 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Thank you Walter. Your comment was helpful with the chip/crap film issue I raised in my post.
You are wise and not at all a computer programme set up by aliens and funded by Paris Hilton.

4:19 pm

Blogger JB said...

So I clicked on your “embrace the narcissism” link and discovered the lovely photo shoot of Ms. Leonie, which immediately reminded me of Eric conveys an Emotion--have you seen his site? I have a link on my blog if you haven’t.

Also, I want to say that I love/crave/worship chips and vinegar and I now feel that a thread of camaraderie has been spun between us because I know of no other person who favors this particular combination. Hot, salty chips. Sour malt vinegar. Mmm.

Walter is an ASS. Walter the ASS. Ass Walter.

I loathe spammers.

6:18 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

Fear not JB, you are not alone. All wise folk put their faith in the salt/vinegar combination. Only fools choose to follow the way of the false condiments.

9:39 am


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