Monday, September 03, 2007

In Which I Have Nothing To Talk About, But Nevertheless Persist In Talking

I have had a haircut. I am not sure which part of me decided to do it, as I have been happy with my hair recently. My brain certainly was against the idea, as was my hair. I blame my upper left ventricle, or possibly my mother.

I have felt recently that, like me, my hair is a touch on the messy side but generally well-meaning. Armed with the knowledge that I really didn't want it cut, I took myself off to a hairdressing place down the road, where a very short lady wielding scissors did exactly that. It is now neat and normal, and I am neither of those things.

I am sad about my hair. However, I am aware that there are things going on in the world which have an even more profound effect on our civilisation and its future, so I will talk about them instead.

I think I have seen every single episode of Charmed. In short, this means that there is no mystery left for me on this Earth. I haven't been watching a lot of Charmed recently, but I have been thinking about it and have come to the conclusion that maybe I've seen all of them. I had always hoped in my heart that one day I would be delighted by a vision of those implausibly pneumatic sisters battling some new evil in their impractical shoes and smudge-proof lip gloss. If you have never watched Charmed I strongly recommend you don't, as your opinion of me may well plummet irreparably once you experience for yourself the object of my obsession.

The tube strike is very annoying. I appreciate that the workers must fight for their cause, I really do. It's just that I do so like the Victoria Line. It's quick and endearingly bouncy, and it saddens me to see the black slashes of tape over the entrances, even just for a week.

I think I have some kind of illness-bug. I feel sick and there is considerable pain in my stomach. I hope this goes some way towards explaining why I am rambling incoherently about terrible television shows and bouncy public transport. I am worried that it is foot and mouth disease, contracted in Norfolk the other weekend when that big bull licked me on the leg. Does anyone know the symptoms? In a minute I shall go and scare myself senseless on the NHS website.

The music on Sunday went brilliantly. Within about an hour the stuff we were doing felt better than it has done after spending months in studios. The reggae version of one song sounds ace, and I have lots to be getting on with before we next meet. We're creating tracks but also live versions, so that I can perform my own stuff properly very soon.

Also I was wondering whether anyone could help me. I have been setting myself writing/music tasks everyday to practice being more prolific and also escape the belief that every single thing I record must be perfect. I would quite like to be able to post the results up here so I give myself some kind of goal and also to track my progress. I probably wouldn't post every single one, but if I posted my experiments a few times a week I think it would be a good incentive for me, and also I could perhaps get some feedback. It's ever so lonely being creative on my own. In Charmed at least there are three of them.

Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can do that? If you do please comment or email me, I would really super-appreciate it.

I am off now to wonder whether I have a stomach bug or whether in fact I am just being punished by God for kicking all those kittens, but not before I have spent a little bit of time moaning to myself about my certain and imminent death.


Anonymous Planethalder said...

Léonie, why don't you start a MySpace page, upload to that and link to it - you may get more comments than those who visit your blog.... You could also then market your MySpace page when you're ready...

Or find an MP3 server and link to that (eg VibeStreamer) or embed the file on the MP3 server into Blogger using the code on this post.

8:51 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Ah, I do have a MySpace, so that is another option, of course. I would like to do it here, though, because I quite fancy combining writing with music. Also I dislike MySpace for reasons unknown to myself...

Thanks for your suggestions I will investigate them!

9:08 pm

Anonymous Equine Pimp said...

Charmed - very fit women fighting evil. Surely empowering for women and eye candy for men. Throw in Charisma Carpenter as The Seer for some episodes and you're going to need to explain in more detail which bit is crap. Sounds like perfect mindless tv to me.

11:11 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I have no ideas of how you could do it but I am all for it - I love your writing and would be very happy if there was more to read!

I also dislike MySpace.

10:13 am

Blogger Ys said...

I'd love to hear some of your stuff. I hope you figure out how to do it (I'm so crap at music media online).

I hope you don't have foot&mouth ;)

12:02 pm

Blogger Clarissa said...

What is it about Charmed? It is so charming even with its obvious baseness. It seems to me that only girl like Charmed. The Mista doesn't allow it on while he is in the room.

2:38 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

EP - Yes, I think you might have summed up the appeal of Charmed for the gentleman viewer. I wouldn't watch it if they were fat, though, or didn't have good hair. Although our opinions differ on the Prue vs. Paige debate I think we both enjoy it. Equally. Don't deny it.
(Who do you think would win in a fight between Prue and Paige? Or does that question lead us down a dark path?)

DF - Yes, MySpace is yuck. I will try and think of another way...

Ys - Well you can hear some on my MySpace (yuck) which is linked to in the sidebar. It's old now, though, and I'm not sure I like the versions anymore. That's why I want to update. You can listen to it, though!

Clarissa - I don't know what's so charming about it. Perhaps that it's so endearingly sincere in its silliness. Personally I think it appeals to my love of complete fairytale fantasy (everyone always seems to get to live happily ever after) (except Prue, who dies, but I didn't much like her anyway). I would love to be a Charmed one. How realistic a goal do you think that might be?

2:52 pm

Anonymous miles away said...

if you have a mac and an inputty sort of cable (and, i am assured, a nice white box), it is possible to input guitars, keyboards, basses and microphones into Garageband and mix things yourself, with a virtual drum/click track.

Or if no macness, a guitar/keys/vocal toneport, and Adobe Audition or another mixing sort of program (cubase, fruityloops, reason, acidpro...) ...

then once recorded, upload the files to a mass-download sort of service and link to them on here... it can be done!

1:09 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

I know nothing of the uploading of music to any laptoppy type device. If you meet that person, please pass on the advice. I'd love to know - I could make a fortune clearly. Also, I do hope you feel better soon and you aren't actually dying - or worse, dead. Please be alive and read this and be well. :)

8:20 am

Anonymous dave said...

Here's another place to upload masses of stuff so you can link to it off your blog.

And it's free! :O)

And it's unlimited! :O)

Dave (who once sent you advice on how to get dye off your fingers and checks in now and again to see how the music career is going, and because I like your writing!)

9:29 am


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