Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You've just got to ask youself: Was it worth it?

Oh God.

Please send a bed to me.

I have had two hours of sleep and my head just fell off and rolled under my desk and I'm not sure I can reach it with my foot.

Coffee is my only friend.

I may be paranoid but I have a suspicion that rocking up to work forty-five minutes late, looking like I went to a trendy club/bar until three am and am dying inside isn't necessarily the way to make friends and influence people in a work-based situation.

Fucking wine. Curse you, Bacchus.

Oh, though, last night I got a round from the bar and the barman refused to charge me for it.

At the time it was nice, but now, in the cold light of hangover-induced paranoia it seems much more sinister.

A pity round, no doubt. He could tell I had to work in not-very-many-hours-time and felt sorry for me. Bastard.

My life is HARD today. TRICKY. Logic has gone on a little holiday along with its close friends, Sanity and Reason.

I had fun, though.

I wonder whether he'll call?


Anonymous Sarah said...

i thought it was you... hee hee x x

11:35 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I am feeling your pain. I am your pain. Why oh why do we do it on a school night?

Mind you I had more sleep than you did so I think you should win they 'my-hangover-is-better-than-yours' competition :o)

11:43 am

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Oooh, intriguing! I hope he'll call! Just drink loads of water and green tea if you can face it, and if you need to just smile at the person beside you and ask sweetly if they don't mind rolling your head back to you.
It will all be fine after your day is over and the wine induced horror will be but a distant memory...

1:08 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. We are one with the need for duvets and food.

I would hold hands but I'm off to my three hour project meeting. If I make it through this it will be a miracle.

Oh and the ex-boyfriend ex-housemate thing is cool. Lucky you. I hope he calls too.

1:57 pm

Blogger Doug said...

Sounds like all of us cool people thought it was a good idea to get drunk on a Monday night.

2:12 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

I'll call you, and pretend to be the missing parts of your mind.

What's your number?

(And no, this is not a chat-up line. Yet.)


8:36 pm

Blogger Swedish Girl said...

But of course it was worth it - it always is...

Bartenders always do that, by the way. Remember: They don't have to be up at dawn. For them a green Aftershot is a great idea.

10:16 am


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