Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am in a good mood because:

1. Someone has just put The Fugees 'The Score' on the stereo and I haven't heard it in such a very long time.

2. I have just arranged that I am to be in the studio again all day Saturday. I am so excited to continue recording all the stuff we started last week, and see if there has been any further development tour-talks-wise.

3. I am considering having another cup of coffee, as I am going out to meet some friends (the Biarritz Massive) in a pub around Baker Street and, considering that I went out last night, I am slightly tired.

4. I have written nearly a whole new song in the last three hours.

5. I have done this whilst not neglecting the other things I am supposed to do.

6. Killing Me Softly has just come on. Such memories.

7. I do like a nice Thursday.

I hope you are in a good mood as well. I am going to sit nearer the stereo so I can sing along to the twiddly bits until I am told to be quiet.


Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Hi lovely - I have been away and internet-less and am now popping in to say hello and read through your last posts.
But just wanted to say hi, and erm.. welcome back! x

8:43 pm

Blogger Curly said...

The Score was actually the first CD I ever bought, whenever I listen to it the memories of that day come flooding back - it's nice.

Good news for Saturday.

12:28 pm

Blogger Adz said...

Yay for being in a good mood, hope it has continued into today!

1:36 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Lady M - Hi! Thanks for saying hi. I still can't access your blog, it won't let me scroll down. I don't understand!

Curly - The memories came flooding back as I listened to it. Awesome.

Adz - Sadly today my 'up' has morphed into a 'down'. I have been trying to construct a post about it. Thanks for the cheeriness, though!

3:12 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Hmm, I don't understand either. I clicked on the link on your sidebar and went straight back to my site.
That's strange...

Let me have a little play around. xx

9:05 pm

Blogger Curly said...

Blogger's being an ass today. That is all.

9:16 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

I had a good Thursday as well.. Today however, vastly the opposite.. but I will forge on! I hope you had fun w/ your friends and your next cup of coffee.. :)

2:01 am


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