Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Week Two, But Only Just.

It seems so long since I have written anything on my blog. I think I have completely forgotten how, and now must start afresh, as a new blogger writing about what I had for lunch and how I'm not even sure what this blogging thing is about anyway and OMG should I tell my friends I have one this is stupid nobody's reading it anyway are they shit I need to think of something funny to write please comment please please.

We are in Wanaka. Tom is sitting on the other side of the table from me in an Internet cafe pretending he's checking his Internet banking but secretly looking at porn. Tom has taken to calling me 'Higgsy', which works a treat for sentences such as "Higgsy! Not in there! That's the men's toilets!" and "Higgsy? Are you looking at the map? Why is it upside down and why have we just passed a sign saying Welcome To Gibraltar?", but in other contexts it doesn't work so well and we are trying to steer him off it. Wanaka is the place where we will ski, starting tomorrow.

We have sea-kayaked (there were seals!) (frolicking ones!) and tramped (hiked) and stayed in a beach hut in the Abel Tasman National Park. We have stayed with wonderful people who have cooked us lovely meals. In Nelson we had a bit of an awkward moment when the very, very lovely lady we were staying with offered us a spa and then seemed to suggest that we get naked and then jump in (she wasn't joining us) at which point we both pretended it was fine, went into the other room and both completely freaked out because we're English and are meant to pretend we all wear high necked, starched, turn of the century undergarments beneath our clothes and don't admit to each other that we sometimes are naked and things. You know. After giggling to the point of hysteria (and that was only Tom), we sucked it up (as it were) and got in.

Anyway, we're having a lovely time. It's all beautiful, and I am looking forward to skiing. I am slightly nervous as I haven't been skiing for a few years and Tom is way better than I am, but it'll be good and I am just being a scaredy cat. I will drink some red wine soon and it will be less intimidating.

I can't quite believe that we have another whole week here.

Again, Tom is waiting for me to blog on holiday, something that, despite what he might have said in the comments section of the last post, he is surprisingly patient with. He is lovely. I am so happy to be here with him.

I imagine that London is weeping in my absence, so I will be back soon.


Anonymous Alex said...

Hi sister!! Didn't think you'd be writing from NZ (how unaware of the extent of your addiction I am), but so so glad to see you are!! I checked just in case and to my joy found not only a post fresh from this morning, although time chasms mean I can't work out if you're skiing right this second - or rather I hope you are but suspect it's already over and you're drinking wine and reflecting on your (*excellent retention and perhaps increase in balance, speed and style as you swished and swithed elegantly down the slopes today/*self as a halting blob of skisuit that was actually perfectly normal after not having skied (skiied? All looks so swedish) for so long even though your talent is definitely AT LEAST equal to Tom's - delete as appropriate) - but (long sub-clause, flick back if nec) also posts from the journey there and one other of the trip. So enjoyable to read! I loved your 'although' popping into your head and then singing, as well as sharing the horrors of the flight - I'm beginning to see how good it is to blog - and sounds like you're having such a brilliant time. I love you and I'm so glad, can't wait to hear more about it when you get back. Sophie's going with Thomas to south of France to stay with his family so although devon was ok when I focussed on being nearish the sea and not being at work, I do kind of feel I got the bum deal. But I guess you don't usually look into your new beau's eyes and detect where his family live so I'm not blaming myself. I'm blaming his family. His mum lives in a (nice) terrace house on the edge of a large town about 5 miles from the sea, which is ok until you hear that she sold their old house which was massive and sprawling in an acre of land looking out over THEIR stream going out into the estuary in a beautiful quaint olde english village and NEARLY bought (1) a house on the sand dunes, obviously right beside the sea, (2) one quarter of a castle with a turret also by the sea and (3) nothing else but rythymn dictates I include a third option. But she went for the town house. Her choice - good art studio at the top which we clearly had no use for on our trip. I'm being so ungrateful! Bad girl! (She gave us a beautiful piece of art work made especially for andy which I really love) But it does pale in comparison with your wonderful stories!! I can't wait to hear more and I love you loads. Say hi to Tom for me, xxxxxxx

12:18 pm

Anonymous Impish little sister said...

So happy to see that even my oxford educated older and wiser sister still can't spell ry ryhtm ryhtym rhythm either. I bet mr.léonie head has no problems there.

Yes I am going to the south of france but not with his family, we are going with a couple from warsaw and their children (ahh. children and holiday is a new concept)

I hope the swish swishing is going swimimmingly. I'm saying hello out loud now as I write this (its quite difficult to talk and type!!) so hello léonie and her tom man.

Lots of love,


ps. al, if you write a blog i'll be your no.1 reader but you'll have to use spell check.

9:31 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Oh I am still so jealous, you seem to be having such a lovely time. But totally happy for you of course!

My advice is to just stay where you are as it is raining here and looks like it is going to rain forever (well for the rest of the week anyway).

Hope you amazed everyone with you skiing prowess and please say Thanks to Tom for waiting for you while you blog.

9:31 am

Anonymous Paul said...

Please please don't become the Higgs Family Bloginson

Glad you're having all the antipodean fun

12:48 pm

Blogger La Chou said...

Glad you seem to be having such a marvelous time...safe travels!

10:07 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

I am weeping in your absence.. do you really need all of London to do so? Well.. maybe I suppose they should at least shed a few out of sheer respect.

So glad you're having a great time sugar.. that's the point!

8:18 am

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Me too, am also weeping in your absence.
Whilst also living vicariously through you and your holiday stuck at my desk in a cold August in Vancouver.
Grey. Cold. Dismal.

Looking forward to next installment xx

6:33 pm

Anonymous Impish little sister said...

mr.léonie head,

come on, enough is enough, i need news! i hope you are having a totally splendid time...

so much love,


11:27 am


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