Sunday, August 13, 2006

Changi: Part Two

I am impossibly more relaxed now. It is now six o'clock, and I have been hanging around the swimming pool all day. Sunbathing, reading, swimming. I was there before anyone else so I had a distinct feeling of ownership towards the pool when it started getting populated. For a while I was just there on my own, doing some lengths. Hanging out at one end, then making my leisurely way to hang out at the other. I even tentatively played mermaids for a little while.

I drank a few cups of coffee and dozed off a few times, but never for more than twenty minutes as I want my body to adjust to the new time regime. I like calling it a regime, it makes me feel like maybe I'm in the army. No, I'm not really sure why that would be a good thing, either, but I am considering having a look for somewhere to get a buzz cut.

So now I still have about three hours left. I bought shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, a comb, some lipbalm, some deoderant. Notice the way I casually mention that I bought lipbalm, as if I didn't weep with joy at the first application. Also factor thirty suncream, of course, because otherwise I would be typing this from inside a crispily burnt shell, which is no fun for anyone and really slows me down. I have managed to tan a little, though, which I am heartily pleased with.

Now I am hungry, as I haven't eaten since breakfast on the plane this morning. I have a dilemma. I am in Singapore, and there are obviously a few noodle-type restaurants to choose from, and the food looks very nice. However, there is a slight problem in that they are all playing this piped muzak, which gave me a headache from hearing it for two seconds. On the other hand, there is a nice looking pizza place near a huge window, with no music to speak of. What do I do? I will feel guilty if I eat Italian in South East Asia, but I will have a headache if I do not.

People have died making decisions like these.

I secretly know which one I'm going to choose. I cannot risk ruining this feeling of composure before making another billion hour flight. The last flight I was stressed and oh, holy crap, I hated all twelve hours of it.

I will update.


Anonymous treespotter said...

i travel thru changi every week for a year and i never realize the airport has a pool!!!!

6:03 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Yes.. where was this pool? And I say.. when in Changi, eat the noodles.. but if headaches are an issue, then sure, pizza will have to do.

9:36 pm


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