Sunday, August 13, 2006

Changi: Part Three

So, yeah, I think you know which one I went for. I sat and ate two slices of pepperoni pizza, read my book and drank a glass of nice red wine, and felt all the tension slip out of my shoulders. All that nervousness and anxiety that had been building up since a good few days before I actually tucked my passport into the waistband of my jeans and, taking as deep a breath as I could with my massive rucksack on my back and another bag around my neck, entered Heathrow airport.

I was just finishing my meal and looking forward to the last long sips of wine, when I heard a piano begin in the distance somewhere. Somehow you can always tell the difference between someone actually playing the piano live and a CD, so I necked the wine and took myself off to have a look.

There was a grand piano. At the grand piano was a middle-aged Singaporean (I assume) man in a white tuxedo and black horn-rimmed glasses, fingers flying, going crazy with the jazz piano. I walked past him and thought, oh. Huh. Interesting. I have another two hours to kill, I could go and... no. Please, I wanted to say, let me sing with you. I so wanted to. I walked past and stood, gazing at a departures screen, thinking about it. No, I thought. He probably isn't allowed. Or wouldn't want to. Or hates me. I turned, and started to go off to find another cafe to sit in.

The word 'although' suddenly popped into my mind, and I stopped. Turned around. Worst that could happen, I considered, was that he said fuck off and then I would have to, well, fuck off I suppose. That's not so bad.

So, to cut a medium to short story even shorter. I have just sung 'Summertime' and 'My Funny Valentine' on a little stage, with a pianist, in the middle of the best (apparently) airport in the world. I even got applause, but then I felt I wanted to leave, because actually my flight leaves quite soon and I wanted to get some water and possibly a small chocolate-based treat.

I am going now, then, to the gate, where I will get on a plane to Christchurch. At Christchurch airport Tom will be waiting for me, I hope, because my bags are really heavy. That is secretly not really why I hope he'll be there, but don't tell anyone.

I am planning to update from NZ, but I have no idea whether we'll have any good Internet access. I am not going to pretend that doesn't scare me.

A tout alors, Singapore.


Anonymous Angela said...

The impromptu performance in the middle of a bustling airport? Quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever heard of in my entire life.

Wow. My mind is blown by how much you rock.

9:57 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

That impromptu'ness was very cool. Wish I could have seen it!

Enjoy NZ, and Tom. Obviously.


1:39 am

Blogger gilmic said...

wow, go you!
hope you're enjoying all things NZ.

9:50 am

Blogger Curly said...

Best of luck with the Kiwi's.

Also, kudos on the singing. I expect that people loved it!

10:51 am

Blogger Rebecca said...

oh i am so proud! only you would do something as cool as sing in a place so full of people and so full of randomness. you are a marvel. i hope you are safe with tom and having a super smashing whizzijolly time. do let me know youre ok at some point. love you lots and cant wait to hear your tales of adventure. jay is arriving tomorrow. i have dug a secret tunnel with a spoon and i am going to pretend i have disapppeared. do you think it will work???

do update if you can.

take good care. lots of love xxx

7:37 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

That's so awesome girl! How fun!

9:38 pm

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