Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mainly All About The Following:

Also I was given an incredible book called 'The Naked Jape' by Jimmy Carr, which is all about jokes. It has a joke or a one-liner on each page. Christmas day was largely comprised of reading every single one, much to the annoyance of my family who were forced to put up with my frequent bursts of excessively loud laughter.

Other presents included money for a stage outfit, Topshop vouchers, boots, a bag, make-up, the new Faithless album, lip gloss, and, very excitingly, a real, honest-to-goodness magical pony. From my Impish Little Sister Sophie.

I will post a picture of it soon.

I got a pony for Christmas. A magical one. That calls for another celebratory drink, I suspect.


Blogger Jonathan said...

I'll drink one to the magical pony.

1:07 am

Blogger EmmaK said...

Hey don't forget to feed your magical pony plenty of carrots or she will die. Happy New Year!!

8:23 pm

Anonymous andre said...

A magical pony

Oh how lucky you are.

1:05 am

Blogger Clarissa said...

Your magical pony calls for more drinks?! That's a pony to keep!

4:26 pm

Anonymous greavsié said...

Good grief, not another Pony Girl?

10:38 pm

Anonymous greavsié said...

Oh dear...I've...just...ummm..ohh..


10:41 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Dammit.. now I'll have to figure out who else might want the magical pony I picked out for you since your sister beat me to it.. Good thing it's magical and therefore doesn't take up a lot of room. Hope you rang in the new year well, my dear. Here's to much success for you! xoxo

2:04 am

Anonymous impish little sister said...

people often say to me, 'what the hell are you doing in my garden?'

show them the pony!

11:02 am

Anonymous adrian said...

/me chuckles as ILSC (impish little sister comment)

Does the Magic Pony magic away hangovers? In which case can I get one too?

(Nice pic BTW)

10:46 pm


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