Monday, November 20, 2006

Singing, Sleeping, Eating and Drinking.

This is how my days are comprised at the moment. I get up at some point, go into the studio at some other point, come out, go back in, come out again and then, after sufficient time has passed to eat something or drink some wine or wonder whether anyone has texted me, I go back in again.

There is no schedule, there are no fixed hours.

Today I wrote a song in ten minutes then spent three hours thinking it was shit only to be frogmarched back in by my producer, re-record it and have to concede that it sounds alright now.

It is fair to say that my life is all turned upside down.

Also today I went to some charity shops in Eastbourne and purchased a (fake) fur stole, some shoes and a glitzy handbag, with a view to my costume for the weekend. I think the editor of the New York Times would have a glitzy handbag and a fur stole. I think someone named Busty LeRoux would have a cleavage-based outfit and some red lipstick, but luckily I am a brazen tart and have many varieties of both of those things. She would also wear shoes, and I have only the twelve million pairs to choose from so I was forced into buying some more, albeit for five quid from Help The Aged.

On Wednesday I am being thrust back into the company of people my own age and spending a Day Of Fun with two of my favourite people, Dan and Luke. I am not sure what we'll do, but I hope it will merit the use of capital letters. Day Of Fun. Day Of People Who Are Fun (And Me). Day Of Weekday Merriment. For Merriment Please Read Drunkeness. Brilliant.

I am going to go back now and re-listen to the new song and no doubt conclude it is rubbish, then go to bed in a haze of uncertainty, but looking forward to coming back to London.


Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Singing and wine and shoes, could life get any better?

Of course it xcan - you have a Day Of Fun too.

Lucky girl.

I have Day Of Stupid People Stressing Me Out With Ridiculous Requests And Questions.

11:37 am

Blogger Léonie said...

I am a lucky girl, Kel, I know. Skive off work and come up to London for the day of fun.

Dare you...

5:04 pm

Anonymous impish said...

dear mr. léonie head,

sending a bicycle basket full of baguette beret love.

may all days be days of fun or wine-filled shoes.

impish xxxx

ps. going to a fancy dress party next weekend and have to go as a celebrity couple or a pair of something, any ideas??

11:49 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Glittery handbags always make me feel better. Have a lovely Day Of Fun!

7:09 am

Blogger Curly said...

What food are you eating all the time then?

Granola bars? Raw fish? Carrots?

5:17 pm

Blogger TallButPerfectlyFormed said...

I had come here (see and enjoy how naturally I use geographical words to describe web sites. That means I'm down with the kids) to leave a comment on your blog about how nice it was to hear from you and dahdeedah but now I see how many comments each of your blog entries get, I'm not sure you deserve it. Blog comments for me are like french peoples' jokes.

I don't get very many. That said, I still remember that wonderful moment when you told the apple-worm-rape joke to a bunch of blokes at a party: I died laughing and they tutted and said it wasn't funny.

You're alright you. At last checking. It's been a while.


5:41 pm

Blogger TallButPerfectlyFormed said...

I now, of course, having re-read my last comment, realised that the joke about the french peoples jokes reads like that joke where you say: "what's the secret of comedy, timing".

I should clearly have put a new paragraph between my punch line and the rest of the comment.

Sometimes funny is all I haven't.


5:43 pm

Blogger Caru said...

Ooooh, Days of Fun. And fake fur stoles. Ohhh, indeed. To be Busty LeRoux. And the shoes.

I'm sorry, I have to go lay down now.


6:25 am

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

The Day of Fun sounds divine... how exciting! And the no schedules, no fixed hours, and drinking of wine...
PS: If I was an editor, I'd wear glitzy shoes and fake fur stoles and smoke long cigarettes (well...maybe not the smoking) and drink martinis and red lipstick

6:34 am


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