Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I got fired from a temp job today. From a temp job where I felt bullied, where I was on the verge of tears for each of the seven days they (by which I mean one woman in particular, of course) managed to cope with my presence by being overdemanding, sarcastic and mean.

She didn't even tell me to my face. I got a phone call from the agency on the way home, who said that I was no longer required to come in tomorrow morning.

Of course, it's fine, because I hated it, I thought the woman was a vitriolic, bitter bitch and had just spent the whole day with mascara smeared all over my face. It's fine because when I was there I felt menial, degraded, and an easy target for the frustrations of somebody else's life. It's fine because I did not want to go back there. It's fine because I don't want to work for someone who knows how to pronounce my name but deliberately gets it wrong to make me feel like shit.

It's not fine, though, because being fired is humiliating. I feel like I have just been dumped by someone I didn't like anyway. I should have walked out this morning after I had just spent ten minutes in the toilets trying to stop crying, but I didn't.


Everything else is good, though. Music is going well, my friends are nice and there has been some pashing with someone I like. Things are good!

In general.

Right at this moment, of course, my cheeks are scarlet with humiliation and fury. My self-esteem has taken a battering and I feel exhausted.

It would have been so very great to have been able to say my piece before I left, but alas I did not get that chance so I must be satisfied with venting here. I think that the way people treat temps, or office juniors or admin staff etc. is very telling about the rest of their personality, and that theory has been thoroughly proven today.

I would wish for a curse upon That Woman, but I think the fact that she has to live her life being Her is punishment enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats awful....fuck them though. everything else sounds like its going really well so thats all that matters...

11:52 pm

Anonymous Euan said...

Four words

Dog. Turd. In. Letterbox.

1:51 am

Blogger Boy said...

That does suck massive balls. But, inevitably, it will be for the better. And the fact that your music is going well, as well as the rest of life, more than makes up for it :)

8:56 am

Blogger nuttycow said...

Just think - at least you don't have to go back. That job is all that Bitch Woman (TM) has in her life.

Feel better?!

9:28 am

Blogger Ys said...

aww i'm so sorry. that just sounds so awful. what a bitch!

but at least you know you're winning in the end cos your life doesn't suck like hers does.


12:38 pm

Blogger Clarissa said...

You're right: how people treat other people "of lower station" speaks volumes. I used to work with a man who would act such the prick to waitresses or flight attendants or any woman that he could boss around. I hated having to work with him. I hated being associated with him. I hated him.

Sorry you got the sharp end of the stick this time. xxxooo, c

5:58 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Wow, that is some Poosday. Mine ended in a fury of sloe gin as I tried to drown out the memory of my awful day. It wasn't as bad as yours though, so I hope things are better now and for the record, that woman is on my list.

9:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shit, that is really horrible, i do hope that you are feeling better about it all very soon!

9:58 am

Blogger boy-man said...

Commiserations & hugs. The travails of being a temp eh?

The worst thing about it is the phonecall from the agency cos they wimps cant do it themselves.

As for the woman.....precisely that. Nothing. She has simply shown you how NOT to behave to other people, a lesson that will make you a better person than she currently is.

11:02 pm

Anonymous Tracey said...

I hope the venting has made you feel a little better. Don't worry karma will catch up with that awful woman.


7:51 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Oh sweet girl.. I'm so sorry. I've certainly been there and had that same feeling that people treat temps so much worse. But you know.. it's a good story when you're uber famous and on Letterman. Or whomever his equivalent is in England. It'll make for a good story then. She's a cow. Don't let the cows get you down sugar! xo

7:25 am

Blogger Mr Farty said...

Boo to the Wicked Witch!

Now post you're holiday pic's, cos thats bound to chee're yuo up.


11:26 pm


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