Friday, November 02, 2007

Too Busy To Blog!

Brixton is ace. Our house is a paradise set in South London. We have furniture. We are so equipped that we even have little bowls to put keys in and candles to light. And rugs! We totally have rugs.

Things are mental. The temping job is better.

I have been out eight million times in the last week, simply because I cannot say no to the lure of red wine.

I keep seeing adverts on the tube for cosmetic surgery, which I find deeply disturbing. One this morning shouted "New Face. New Smile. New Body." and showed a picture of a happy lady, presumably just off the operating table, leaping for joy.


I have no more minutes.

Too busy to blog. I never thought I'd see the day.


Blogger Ys said...

Woo! I'm glad things are going so much better for you!

I'm even more jealous of your move now ;)

2:32 pm

Blogger greavsie said...

It's a good job I'm not too busy to comment.... ;-)

7:22 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

I know exactly how you feel. You sound happy tho, which is always good and no one can be unhappy on my birthday. It's the law. Yay for your candles and bowls for keys! xoxox

11:24 pm

Blogger Curly said...

Busy can only be a good thing, I'm glad your house is going well.

Don't fall for the plastic surgery ads, red wine gives everyone else a new face, new smile and new body too - even better!

12:29 pm


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