Friday, May 06, 2005

Some exes are nice and pretty

Dan got cross with me for telling you that all exes are mean and nasty.

Sorry Dan.

Also he wanted me to make up a pseudonym for him. I think he just wants to sound racy and a bit mysterious.

Sorry.. er.. And? (That's an anagram. It'll take you a while to work it out. Hang in there.)

For the record:
Sometimes I exaggerate for comedy value.
Dan is nice.



Anonymous Dan said...

I am indeed satisfied. And nice. So there. I also now feel slightly exposed. Not cos I'm flashing my willy or anything, but now strange internet people know me. Hang on, I am one of these said people, as I have posted... D'oh.

3:09 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Don't flash Dan. Please. I'm just saying. Just don't. (Weary sigh)

3:25 pm

Blogger Bug said...

Oo-er! You're one of those friends who flashes, are you, Dan? Everyone seems to have one of those somewhere along the line! Leonie, I told you earlier but I'm saying again (probably cos I just had a weeee leeeetle drink) but I'm so glad your site's back up!!

4:06 pm

Anonymous Dave Wickes said...

Dan should indeed be satisfied, for Dan is indeed nice. And his exposures. Or expostures. I forget. No, really.

Cool beans to Léonie for being the first random far-flung friend to blog my ass. Cool beans indeed!

3:15 am


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