Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This is the ONLY resemblance I will ever bear to a nun

Things I like:
(I'm only writing this so that I can move swiftly onto the things I dislike/hate, but I didn't want you to think I'm a horrible negative person who sees everything through a haze of apathy and/or disgust. Actually is it possible to be apathetic and disgusted at the same time? Hmm. Discuss.)
1. (I would just like to share with you the fact that I have been sitting here, fingers poised over the keyboard, for a good five minutes now and cannot think of anything important enough for the No. 1 spot. Oh hang on, I know..)
1. Singing
2. Putting things in parentheses (as this post would suggest.. oh.. there I go again)
3. Getting flowers. Although I always seem to make them die really quickly.
4. Shoes (shudder of pleasure)
5. Lipbalm/gloss/stick/stuff.
6. Any kind of sun-beach-sea-pool-hotty mcfitty-tan-cocktail combination
7. Books and the reading thereof.
8. Using words like 'thereof' in a possibly completely misguided way, and yet still feeling just a little bit proud.
9. Beer and wine and spirits and, in fact, most drinks. Not peach schnapps though. Bad memories.
10. Friday late afternoons, and drinking beer therein.
11. Point eight again. Therein. That's what I'm talking about..
12. The guy on the train the other day who said to me, out of the blue, seemingly with nothing to gain: "You look really great by the way". Isn't that nice? I did have my Angelina Jolie mask and body-costume on, though, thinking about it.
13. Being right. I am often so very wrong.
14. Painting my nails blood red and then going around for a couple of days gesticulating wildly and feeling a little like Cruella De-Ville.
15. Coffee. Mmm..
16. My tattoo. It's so permanent, perky and pretty.
17. Alliteration, apparently.
18. Watching Scrubs and laughing out loud a lot, then pretending a little bit that I am Zach Braff's girlfriend. We'd have so much fun. I could follow him around and laugh at his jokes and he could like, listen to me sing, and buy me flowers, lip products and shoes. I don't see a problem with that.
19. London in the sun. It's so wildly unpredictable. Everyone strolls around defiantly wearing inappropriately summery clothes (even though it's actually quite cold) as if to proclaim to the rest of the world (who are obviously watching us Londoners through a long telescope): "HA! SEE! We CAN get balmy days and rippling heat just like the rest of you. We're not fools for living in this country. And this short sleeve right here is PROOF of that. Now, please excuse me, I need to go and take my pneumonia medication".
20. Salt and vinegar Hula Hoops.

There must be other things, raindrops on kittens and whiskers on roses, things like that.

I'm going to post this and then have a good think about things I don't like. But firstly I want to ask you, do you like things? What things do you like? (You are not allowed to say Zach Braff, he is mine. But you can share my Hula Hoops if you like.)


Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

I do like things... not people, but things, and here is what I like.
1. I like to be tan. (However, I do not like the actual process... I hate to sweat) p.s. I can already see where this is going, I am going to totally wipe out my likes with what I don't like about the likes.
2. I love to shop for clothes, not dress clothes, but party clothes, although they do sit in my closet because I do not have a life anymore.
3. I like babies, especially my god daughters and the other baby attached to those babies - but I dont like when the babies leave me and like go to Boston and stuff.
4. I like when Housewife comes home to visit, although I hate it when she leaves me.
5. I like diet coke and diet dr. pepper - but when I drink them I miss my K.E., she moved to ATL, Georgia.
6. I like planning my wedding - nothing bad about this one!
7. I like to look at my ring - its beautious!
8. I love to blog!
9. I love pictures - only I need a damn digital camera.
10. I like cramps - YEAH-FREAKIN-RIGHT!
-Career Woman

4:06 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

I'm very, very bored at work and thought I'd join the fun, in the vain hope of raising my spirits...
1)I like the smell of orange-peel. Next time you eat an orange (especially a small one, a mandarin or similar), cup the peel in your hand and give it a good sniff. Squeeze it a little - this brings the smell out, I find. It never fails to make me smile. Their are lots of good smells - the sea, frying bacon in the morning - scent is perhaps the most evocative sense, I think. But this is the best one.
2) I like to sit alone at sunset on a warm, peaceful beach with a large glass of good red wine. This is a close challenger for top spot. Solitude and wine and absurd natural beauty in a maddening array of colours that would have been dismissed as tastless if presented by a human artist.
3) I like seeing or hearing stupid things happen in the street or the shops that make me laugh out loud, often rather embarrassingly. Living in London, this happens alot. Like the other day when I was in Tesco's, and a bunch of students walked past... one asked, peacably enough, 'How do you make a Tomato and Basil sauce?', to which a friend witheringly replied 'Tomato. Basil.' Maybe you had to be there. But I liked it.
4) I like it when you're flirting with someone a little and their hair falls across their face exactly right and the light hits that something in their eyes and that ever so slightly cheeky smile and you shiver at the loveliness of it.
5) I like Pistachio nuts. A lot. Mmmm.
Five should do. Anything else would be a bit much.
See you later!

4:39 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Er.. Paul? Career Woman?
Where do you stand on the Hula Hoops? That is the most important thing.

4:45 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

Hula Hoops are okay. I'm a bit of a beef-flavour fan...
Zach Braff is pretty cool. I wish I were him. Then I'd be funny, and my job wouldn't suck so much. Ah well.

4:49 pm

Blogger e$ said...

i'm not going to make a list, maybe later on on my own blog. But I will share with you that Zach Braff is my ex-boyfriend's cousin. It's like, my only claim to fame.

5:33 pm

Anonymous Fleur said...

I go through stages of food love - my current obsessions are those Innocent Smoothies (especially the mango ones) and Sea Salt and Black Pepper chips. And I love Hula Hoops - ready salted though are my favourite.

6:37 pm

Blogger randommummy said...

I don't think they sell Hula-Hoops in the states. And I KNOW they don't sell any crisps with any meat flavors.
Love your blog, btw.
(I just moved back to the US after two years in England. Your site makes me miss it!)
AND I LOVED the weather! Everyone thought I was crazy. But it is too hot and humid here!

7:53 pm

Anonymous peashelle said...

I would make a list, but it's about lunch time and all I can think of are delicious snacks. I've never had a Hula Hoop, though I'm sure they're yummy. I do love the Worcester Sauce Walker's Crisps, but only because someone once mailed me a variety of packets to try.

I think I'll have to travel to one of those secret little shops that have all those things we're not supposed to get here in the states. Mmmm.

Something I love besides snacks: a freshly rained-upon forest

8:16 pm

Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

1)I like to go to other people's blogs and read the nice things that Career Woman has written about me.
2) I like reading anything written about me, that means someone was thinking about me, even if it's bad.
3)I like silence
4)I like sleep
5)I like when I have a good hair day.
6)I like money, I wish I had more
7)I'd like to stop the list right here or else I'd go on all night!

4:57 am

Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...


I do not know what a hula hoop is!!!

-Career Woman

I do like them if you are talking about the round aparatus' that we put around our tummy and swing our hips!

7:44 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Hula Hoops are crisps that are in little hoops. And they are VERY tasty and nice.. they come in original, salt and vinegar, beef, and other flavours too. BUT I also know what you mean about the hoop for your hips and that is fun too.. although maybe doesn't come in salt and vinegar flavour...

1:03 pm


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