Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Falafel

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how funny do you think you are?

Given the title of this blog, it is difficult to know how to answer this question. Initially it was supposed to be followed by "and most of the time I don't even have that", but got lost in the ether somewhere during the change from diaryland to blogspot.

I get told I'm funny. Sometimes it's followed swiftly by the phrase "...for a girl", which makes me want to elbow people in the ribs and respond with "Thanks! You talk awfully well for a monkey."

I also, however, get told off for my sense of humour. The title 'Comedy Uncle Léonie' has been bandied about more than would normally be expected (for a girl). 'Dad Humour' is my favoured brand, it would seem.

I love jokes, I love making people laugh and I love finding things funny.

I'm not sure, on a scale of one to ten, how funny I am. Ten. No, one. Alright, an even five.

Name a local restaurant would you recommend to a visitor to your town or city.

This is actually a really difficult question to answer. For a start, London is huge and I don't go to the same restaurants over and over. Also I rarely go out to eat. The money thing, of course. Last night I went to a pizzeria in Angel (not you, Miss D), but I hadn't been there before. It was nice: good atmosphere; good service; good food at good prices. I wouldn't necessarily make an effort to go there again, though, because there are loads of places like that.

Hmmm. There is a place I like in Covent Garden called Café Mode. I went there for lunch the other week with my friend Gemma, and they were lovely. The food is really great and very affordable even for someone as broke as I am. The maitre d was so pleasant and friendly to us, and when we said we had to leave after just a main course he was shocked, offering us coffee on the house, or a glass of wine. We really had to go, but before we did he gave us a little card saying that, next time we're in there, we can have a complementary bottle of wine. I've been there on quite a few occasions, a date; drinks with a friend; a big engagement dinner. It probably isn't the most classy place in London, but I don't like places with pretensions, and this is just a warm and friendly place to be.

What's a lesson you were lucky enough to learn the easy way?

Probably being careful with money. I have fucked up more times than I care to remember, but even in the direst of times my parents have helped me and made sure I didn't get in trouble. Now I am more responsible, and on constant guard about how I'm spending my meagre income.

Main Course
Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

I don't know. Geographically I can't imagine that I'll have tired of London by then, I love it here so much. It's home.

Other than that? Who knows. I want to be singing for a living, but in what capacity I have no idea.

If you could see the front page of a newspaper from June 2, 2106, what would you imagine the headline might be?

'World Peace: Exclusive Report On Why It's Working Really Well'.


Other things that are working really well: My Diet. Except that when I say 'well' I mean 'rubbish'. I may have slipped in the fact that I went to a pizzeria last night. Guess what happened? It was terrible, right, because I accidentally fell over into a pizza and had to eat my way out of it! Would you believe that? No? Oh, well, it's my story and I'll stick to it until I forget what it was and then I'll make up something equally implausible.

I'm feeling marginally less stressed about the concert. Which, by the way, you are welcome to come to. It is, however, in Harpenden, which is in Hertfordshire. Email me through my other website if you are interested.

I really have not much else to talk about. I feel a bit dejected today but I don't know why. Tiredness, perhaps. I need to get organised for the weekend, which is looking to be a bit hectic what with all the rehearsing and telling people where to be at what time, and working out all the songs and all sorts of stuff. My brain doesn't work properly when I'm tired, it thinks all sorts of horrible thoughts and starts beating me with the big self-criticism stick. You're fat. You're ugly. You're stupid and useless and doomed to enduring failure. It isn't very nice to me, but I am at a loss as to quite how to shut it up. Any suggestions?

I'm not funny today, so perhaps the answer to the first question should reflect that. Sometimes I am funny, but then sometimes nothing is funny and my sense of humour drips out of my ears along with my brain.

Please help me feel less rubbish, Internet. I don't know how.


Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Oh dear. It sounds to me like you need a few hours to yourself to have some nice, relaxing Leonie time. Burning the candle at both ends is never good.

If you don't have time then can I suggest trying one of the new creme egg bars? They look like they would make anyone feel happier. If I ever get out of this flat that I have been stuck in for the past 6 days then I plan on having one to cheer me up. Not so good for the diet but it is food for the soul.

12:16 pm

Blogger Curly said...

dancinfairy, those Creme (and who spells it like that) Egg bars do NOT live up to the hype. I tried one the other week and they have almost zero Creme Egg taste to them which = bad news.

Léonie, you can be 10/10 funny if the person on the receiving end of the humour laughs. But then sometimes, you only get 2/10, mainly from people who own Ponys and have 'silly' names for their rich friends.... I digress.

Today, I'll award you with a commendable 9. That's gold star material don't you know.

3:14 pm

Anonymous Angela said...

Um, I have found that druuuuuuugs help me feel less dejected--the legal kind I mean... legal drugs... not legal dejected. Oh whatever.

And I find you quite funny, I would certainly agree with the 9 assessment if only because there should always be somewhere to go other than down the scale.

3:43 pm

Anonymous Geordie Bloke said...

I think you're dead funny pet, even today.

3:48 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

To help you feel less like rubbish, post a picture of yourself so we can all tell you how beautiful and hott you are.

Because you know you are, even without having strangers tell you that.

12:49 am

Anonymous Adrian said...

Harpenden ... that's um like really far. I'll have to wait till you play somewhere more like Londonish to see you sing.

When feeling rubbish I often go see a really bad movie. Because
1) Coke and popcorn always make things better
2) Really bad movies always cheer me up. Resident Evil 2 The Apocalypse was a classic.

3:46 pm


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