Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don't judge me for posing

See below for my normal self, just for reference.


Anonymous Euan said...

Looking fly. Good job!

8:36 pm

Blogger gilmic said...

it is ones job to pose if one is in a music video. gorgeous!

9:22 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

Lest we not hear another self deprecating word out of you.

Both the normal and the posed pictures are utterly stunning. Well not the pictures per say, but you. Really gorgeous. Absolutely fantastic.

9:30 pm

Blogger Curly said...

Do you mind moving over a bit so I can get that full telephone number?

Looking great though. Damn, I sound like one of those myspace Spanners. Perhaps I should go the whole Hog...

"this pics HOTT mean muggin niggas!!!!......your fine sexy bich!!"

I hate myspace, it makes me want to start teaching English.

11:01 am

Blogger NF Girl said...

Gorgeous! Both pics.


11:16 am

Blogger The Boy said...

Agree all the above comments, gorgeous. With the voice and that face a record deal is a dead cert.

4:42 pm

Anonymous galatea said...

McQueen or not, those shoes appear to be made out of Scoobidous. The dress, however, is stunning.

5:44 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay! i looked yesterday but didnt write anything. fab though, i like the shoes, and you can be an honouary pirate with that corsety thing.

8:03 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

*collapses on floor with undisguised shoe envy*

12:07 am


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