Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Rare Treat of a Tuesday

Tuesdays are notoriously the worst day of the week. They haven't got the novelty factor of a Monday, Wednesday is halfway through, Thursdays are nearly Friday and on Fridays you're allowed to eat Crunchies. Abundantly.

I think of Tuesday as the antithesis of the weekend. Arthur Dent famously "never could get the hang of Thursdays", but I am actually rather partial to a Thursday, if it's done right. It has all the joyous anticipation of the Friday shimmering softly on the horizon, without the blunt realisation that, yes, it may be the end of the week, but you're still festering at your desk and all those Crunchies will still make you fat.

Tuesdays can be anything or nothing. I know someone who maintains that he can tell how his whole week is going to pan out by how his Tuesday goes. If nothing is achieved by the end of this, the second day, he might as well give it up for a lost cause. If, on the other hand, he has really made progress by tea time on a Tuesday, he can look forward to three more days of grand slams and snowballing successes. I'm not so sure of this, it seems a shame to write off three whole days just because Monday and Tuesday were duds, but I can sort of see his point. If by Tuesday things are going smoothly, then weekwise (assuming no large scale and unforeseeable disasters befall you) you might be onto a bit of a winner. I think that even if they've gone anti-smoothly (or 'roughly' as the professionals say) (I don't know which professionals) (perhaps professional maker-uppers of words) you can still turn it around by Friday, in which case you really do deserve that Crunchie.

Let us review my week so far.
(Note: When I say 'let us' I mean 'I am going to', and I also mean 'and I don't care if you don't want to', and I also mean 'oh sorry that was rude' and I also mean 'oh please don't go and leave me with no readers' and I also mean 'I am needy' and I also mean 'please make me stop doing this'.)

Monday: Bit rubbish. The word 'hormones' took on a new meaning for Tom as I launched merrily into my fifth day of being a 'whore' who did not stop 'moaning'*. Wrote a post on my blog about how I felt rubbish. Contemplated crawling into a hole and dying. Concluded that unless there was a TV in there with episodes of either Charmed or CSI (but not Miami) on it I would get bored of dying pretty quickly and have to crawl out and that just sounded like effort.
Was in a daze. Not a great day.
*Tom would never, ever say this to me. He is far too lovely and also wants to live to see his next birthday.

Tuesday (today): Woke up feeling a million and one times better. In the time it took to fall asleep, have various dreams about magical ponies and how life would be so much better if I looked like Alyssa Milano and then wake up again, I felt like a whole different person. A whole different human being. I raced to the mirror, was slightly disappointed that I hadn't actually been changed into a whole different person (namely Ms Milano), but nevertheless relieved to be feeling like I no longer had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Today I have arranged a couple of meetings, I have re-structured a song (in my head, whilst working) and generally managed to feel on top of things. The list of things I was worrying about yesterday is not so daunting. I am in the middle of reading three books, not because I am trying to be all clever and multi-task the shit out of my reading habits, but because I keep losing the book I am reading, starting a new one and then finding the original book, but only once I have become a bit hooked on the second book. This, obviously, has happened twice, but the second time I lost the first two books simultaneously, started a third, and then found the first two. I am a very quick reader (I'm boasting now) (and while I'm at it I might as well tell you that I can draw a really good pony and have very slim wrists) so it'll be alright, I'll cope.

To sum up: This has been a very, very long-winded way of telling you that, yes, I am fine now, thank you.

Bring on the next three days (complete with music video filming on Thursday evening). I am feeling good.

Also I am wearing these shoes:


which are making me feel special, despite the fact that they are blue jelly shoes. Don't judge me.


Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I hate Tuesdays. It has been renamed POOSDAY and shall forever remain so.

Oh, those shoes are like a cross between jelly shoes and the strange handbags I remember having as a kid. I love them. Shoe envy.

As I read your yesterday post this morning I was inspired and spent some time drawing you a picture. It is on my blog (I just added it) I hope that you like it.

I love the first day after hormones, suddenly, usually around 12ish I realise that I have been smiling all day and I haven't had a single murderous or self-resenting thought all morning. I always feel a good half a stone lighter then too.

I have decided that as you like comments to much I will endeavour to leave every thought that I have had whilst reading your posts in the comments box - my apologies if any extra ones sneak in like "should I have my 3rd chocolate biscuit of today" or "oh my left foot is itching"........

2:25 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

I don't know if you know, but those shoes have holes in the side.

Oh and we (meaning me) want to see a pony drawing.

2:32 pm

Anonymous Mr Tom said...

please don't even joke that i said those things to you as you may get confused and think that i actually did say them. then you may kill me

3:00 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

DF - Oh thank you so much for the drawing. It is beautiful, and I would give you my shoes as a thank you, but they are stuck to my feet now.

Adrian - I would post a pony drawing, but I am not technologically able to. I'll try to see if I can but I might get bored and start staring out of the window aimlessly.

Tom - So basically you're calling me fat. I cannot believe it.

3:14 pm

Blogger Mouldy said...

I am envious of your brilliant Tuesday. As the Fairy said, down here in Sussex they are POOSDAY!!!!

HOWEVER, your positivity has eeeeeked out and spread about and not I'm feeling like I could run several miles on a running machine which is handy cos I am just off to the gym.

You have done me a service, madam.

4:20 pm

Blogger gilmic said...

ooohhh! jelly shoes, so they do still exist. spent a week recently trying to explain their existence and practical value to some danes, they looked confused.
happy tuesday!

4:33 pm

Anonymous e. said...

At my office we have Treat Tuesdays. We have a calendar and everyone is assigned a Tuesday and must bring in a treat. Then we all gather 'round the Treat Table at 2 pm on Tuesdays and have treats. It really helps Tuesday along quite a bit!

5:26 pm

Anonymous Andy said...

I was going to leave this comment on an earlier section, being that it has to do with an earlier section and nothing to do with the current section, but then I thought - maybe she won't see it if I leave it in an old section, so I'd better leave it here - but what if the blogs have a special section where they let you know if ANY new comments have been received - but then I don't know if they do, so the answer is obviously to set up my own blog and test the features, but then that seemed like too much trouble, and if I were to start my own blog, I would immediately start putting my thoughts and opinions out there for all to read (judge), and I have enough trouble feeling that I alienate people without having them know anything I REALLY think, and so I decided not to start my own blog and just leave my comment here instead, which seemed a good idea, but then the whole process seemed fairly labourious and I almost gave up, but then I felt I owed it to the Léonie creature to actually bother making the point I was going to make rather than to chicken out and give up due to a technical difficulty, thus attempting to combat the natural tendency I have towards laziness and hopefully making my life a little more worthwhile by leaving something which will be recorded and viewed by people I've never met, and am unlikely to, but that I'm sure I would like if I DID meet, and we would have a lovely time and maybe go to a restaurant.


Oh yes, that was it! How sexy cool is all this talk of videos and fifty-hunned dolla dlesses [sorry, I'm currently doing South Pacific - I'm eating, sleeping, thinking Bloody Mary. That's a lie - I'm not sleeping. Or eating. Or]. Where was I? Dammit, focus. And I'm completely sober. Oh yes, congrats Hig-Hog (don't think that one works) on all the new developments - didn't realise things had gone so far so quickly. Please let me know how it all goes/is going/has gone/will have been gone. And this producer? He's basically going to record a whole album with you? Sweet. Get me demos, woman!

I'd also like to second the request for a pony drawing.

Beer, preferably. Or a cart.

Er - I think that was it.

Oh yes - that was the other thing. I understand you're trying to lose weight (though from where I cannot imagine!). I discovered recently that my friend, whenever she wants to lose weight, she goes onto a diet of speed. It works, worryingly, as you don't feel hungry at all and you have have your normal energy and fell really good. Not that I'm condoning it, but I inadvertantly drank some a few weeks ago (don't ask), and found it an odd, but not unconvincing diet alternative.

Not suggesting it as an alternative, merely stating an interesting fact.

Or not so interesting.

I should stop writing now.

9:09 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

Leonie, you could take a picture of the pony with your phone ....

Tom, if you figure out how to get out of that, tell me, I never did.

10:30 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Mouldy - I am thrilled to have done you a service, as it were. I hope your enthusiasm lasted until you got to the gym.

Gilmic - Jelly shoes do very much still exist. Mine were a tenner, but a girl in my office has some Marc Jacobs ones that set her back £50. Which is a lot for jelly with some holes in.

e - Treat Tuesday is a splendid idea! What was your treat yesterday?

Andy - Good commenting dedication! Thank you! Also: never call me Hig-Hog, ever, ever again.
Basically, the video thing is a totally different project from the album production. The video is for someone else. It's all a bit complicated, really, but I'll be sure to get you a demo as soon as I have one.
The speed idea is an interesting one, for sure, but I think I will just stick to doing exercise and drinking lots of water. Thanks, though.

Adrian - Still too complicated. Oh, and Tom knows how to get out of that one. It begins with 'm' and ends with 'agical pony'.

2:22 pm

Anonymous e. said...

Treat Tuesday yesterday was mini cheesecakes and they were delicious and quite possibly the only thing getting me through Horrid Wednesday..

6:28 pm

Anonymous Mr Angry said...

My Tuesday started in a slightly disappointing manner too, you see Alyssa Milano wasn't in my bedroom either.

Maybe I'l have better luck on Thursday?

9:41 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

I love Thursdays, and am not partial to Tuesdays either.

Not sure why, Thursdays always seem a little more magical.
Not *magical pony turning into Alyssa Milano* magical (which could be good although am not sure I'd like to be Alyssa Milano) just an *I almost made it to the weekend* magical.

Now I shan't judge you on the jelly shoes. But I am stumped. Flabbergasted. Potentially showing my age. And I will leave it at that.

Jelly shoes. Imagine. I once had a pink pair.

*gazes wistfully into a childhood of pinkness and Star Wars figurines*

10:46 pm


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