Tuesday, September 12, 2006

List of News:

1. I am moving back to my parents' house for a while. I cannot commit to signing a new lease that will leave me financially committed for six-twelve months, as I have no idea what is going to happen or where I'll be. When this tour goes ahead I will be earning money from it, but probably not enough to pay rent in one city and be travelling around others.

2. I will miss the curtains in my room. I will miss living in zone two. I will miss the train tracks that run five metres from my bedroom window. I will miss living with Bec and David. I will miss the flat.

3. I will not miss the mouse.

4. My record is being taken around record labels this week.

5. Shitsticks.

6. Next week I will put up the song on the Internet somewhere and trying to make as many people as I possibly can listen to it.

7. I will also be copying the CD and giving those copies to people who might be Influential In Kick Starting My Career, and also to people Who I Meet On The Street When Drunk.

8. The tour is definite. I have yet to find out details, but I have been told it is definitely going ahead.

9. I still don't believe it.

10. Even despite eating three custard cream biscuits in an attempt to drum the reality in via the medium of sugar.

11. This might actually be the start of something, mightn't it?

12. Holy shitsticks.

13. (scrabbling of biscuit packet following by pensive munching)


Anonymous e. said...

Congratulations!! I've never been so proud of someone I didn't know before... Now you must promptly become very famous so you can come over to the States and it will be all Leoniemania up in here!

Living with your parents will totally rock if you spend all your time on tour :)

4:14 pm

Anonymous Paul said...


Well done. Knew you could/would do it. Not, obviously, that I'm counting unhatched ova (look how I avoided using the word Egg! Oh) but this is definitely Good Stuff. Very proud of you. Don't forget us when you're rich and famous...

4:27 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Thank you!

Now can everyone tell me that custard cream biscuits are, in fact, good for me?

4:59 pm

Blogger Jonathan said...

COngratulations! Did I spell that right? Who cares. Just awesome. Let us know where you post it online. I will definitely be listening to it. And yes, custard cream biscuits are good for you. :)

5:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are, officially good for you, and full of vitamin mmm.

wow though, thats fantastic news. do you get to name it, or do 'they'?

6:49 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

YAYYAYYAY!! That's so exciting! I'm sad for the mouse. He's told me he's going to miss you.

Now we just have to find out where you're touring. Do tell me when Seattle is on that list and we can make t-shirts w/ Leonie scribbled fantastically across the chest that we can wear proudly upon our bosoms.

8:48 pm

Anonymous Lorna said...

Darling - so proud of you!
I really hope this all goes well for you - you really deserve it.

Clearly, custard creams are very good for you. They contain carbohydrates which we need to survive and obviously vitamins and minerals galore.


Congrats again - keep us updated :)


10:38 pm

Blogger Kat Doyland said...

How can custard creams not be good for you? Custard is made from banannanaas(i never know when to stop with the "na's"), and they're fruit, and I mean cream comes from cows milk. So all in all custard creams are just a sneaky way of filling your body with concealed (well concealed) Calcium and that stuff begining with P that explodes, but is also good for making you regular... Wow my logic is twisted.

However, would like to wish you much congratulations! And if u end up touring around derby or N.wales (you probably won't end up in wales - unless by accident) I will definately be dragging ppl to see you.

2:14 am

Blogger Geordie Bloke said...

Well done on the tour pet. Make sure you come and play Bath.

9:47 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...



11:50 am

Blogger treespotter said...

congratulations!!! will you be doing any asian tour?

1:48 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Wow, my dear! What an exciting turn of events, I can't wait to hear the track and proudly wear you on my bosom in Seattle. Or Vancouver. Wherever you get to first.

x x

6:56 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

exciting, exciting! i hope the tour will include a date in scotland so i can come see you in action. anything containing sugar is very good for ones mental health as said by me.
emma m
(bah to blogger wont let me leave blogger comments 'cause I moved to the beta version - tis rubbish!)

10:11 am


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