Friday, January 12, 2007

Well. Would You Believe It?

I have been double-tagged! By both Katy* and Leigh**. I was hoping that they might be the same memes, but they are slightly different. I think in the interests of time I might try and combine the two. Katy's is: Five Things Most People Don't Know About Me, and Leigh's Five Facts About Me But One Of Them Isn't True And You Must Guess Which. (I paraphrased.)

So I shall write six Things About Me Of Which One Is Not True.

(Whilst trying to think of things people don't know about I have realized the extent to which most people know everything about me. This makes this challenge quite tricky, and the facts I have come up with not that interesting. Sorry.)

1. I have a triangular freckle on the bridge of my nose. At the moment it is barely visible because we are in the murky depths of winter and my skin is an interesting shade of pale, but in summer my freckles emerge and there it is: a perfect triangle. I wholeheartedly believe that this means I have magical powers, which is why I watch Charmed so much. For tips.

2. Despite all my Big Talk about ponies, I am actually quite scared of horses. I was never a pony sort of a girl when I was growing up. Once I went to stay with my cousin in the country and we had to get up at some ungodly hour to go and do something horse-based. I was unimpressed at the hour, unimpressed at having to endure the cold, and highly unimpressed at having to get on the fucking thing and jump over poles on it (metal ones, not a whole load of cowering immigrants). I remember fearing for my life and then cracking ice on the trough with my boots, and speculating idly that there were probably more fun hobbies to be had. The next time I was on a horse was in New Zealand about five years ago on some kind of trek, which would have been alright apart from the fact that my horse didn't seem to have a 'forward' function and insisted upon climbing every small hillock it could spot.
I do, however, love Sparkle the Pony, given that she is a) magcal and b) not hugely real.

3. I love a murder mystery. Book, film, TV show. CSI, Morse, Diagnosis Murder. I have read every Patricia Cornwell novel about sixty-eight billion times, somehow it never seems to matter that I know what's going to happen at the end.
Anything that starts with a mystery that is solved by the end I am a complete sucker for. All the better if it involves a single-minded maverick detective who takes the law into his/her own hands and some intricate descriptions of the blood and gore. I love the bits in CSI where they do the whooshing camera bit and you can see the bullet go in/poison set in/dagger pierce the heart. I also love the way they invent fictional technology to solve cases. I am also a big fan of Angela Lansbury.

4. I sometimes make lists of thinigs I like. Sometimes I write it down, but mostly in my head to cheer myself up.
The list usually is comprised of things like: being on the top deck of the bus at the front when the bus passes another bus, and seeing the two drivers wave at each other; train drivers announcing amusing things down the PA system; getting take-away coffee; buying any sort of new lip product; hearing a good joke for the first time; hearing a really good fact; accidentally watching a really good film. Those sorts of things. I know it's a bit raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but establishing that I like those things heightens the enjoyment I feel when they actually happen.

5. I am ultra-shit at cards. For some reason I can just never remember how to play any game. I have been taught how to play any number of games any number of times, but as soon as I leave the room, turn my head, sneeze or whatever, it's gone. Even when travelling I preferred to sit around staring at walls than enter into a roller-coaster game of whist. I am, depending on how you look at it, really terrible or really good at strip poker. Strip snap is much more my scene, and I even lost at that a few weeks ago. Although I can't help but feel that might have been the idea.

6. I am a vampire. I drink blood. Sometimes with worcestershire sauce and a stick of celery, sometimes not.

There you go! Which of those statements isn't true?

I can practically hear your heads spinning from here.

I have a gig on Sunday in Eastbourne, which I have not rehearsed for. It promises to be interesting and not necessarily any good whatsoever.

Hope you all have a better weekend than I sense I am about to have.



Blogger The Boy said...

Cleary you dislike murder mysteries, how could anyone like them?

I've heard blood, drambuie and a shot of kalua make a great mix. Not that I'd know.

5:40 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

I was going to guess that it was number 5 and you actually weren't 'ultra-shit' at cards.. til the vampire thing. And it wasn't that so much as that gave it away.. it was that you left out the tabasco. :)

Hope your weekend is better than you think it will be! xoxo

7:33 pm

Blogger Pixie said...

The vampire thing is quite popular this time of year; it's a clever way to accentuate and make the white winter skin stylish.

It's gotta be the freckle. Nobody has a magic power freckle...

5:10 pm

Blogger Ant said...

Strip snap?

I can just imagine the feted boobs jiggling violently when you call the final victorious "Snap!"... :o)

8:53 pm

Blogger Ant said...

Strip snap?

I can just imagine the feted boobs jiggling violently as you call the final triumphant "Snap!"... :o)

8:56 pm

Anonymous sparkle's manager said...

finally someone has realised what we have all suspected for a long time..

11:39 am

Blogger Curly said...

I'm going for the Muder Mysteries though.

Although the fact that you like Charmed goes against that statement. The murders in charmed are never a mystery.

5:28 pm

Blogger My Marrakech said...

You know, I can totally figure out that you are making it up about that freckle thing. That's outrageous.
PS I am a vampire too, BTW. We should get together for some bloodsucking;-)

2:49 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Well, the vampire thing is supposed to be good for your iron count, isn't it?!

Hmmm... anyways, I hope you had a great weekend even if you didn't think you would because there was something very special about this weekend and I hope it spread over to you too...

1:13 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I hope the gig went well sweetie and you are feeling a bit better about everything :o)

7:56 pm


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