Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Demain! Paris!

This time tomorrow I will be the following things:

1. In Paris
2. Not here
3. In Paris

I am nearly completely ready. I have positioned the post-it notes emblazoned with the word "PASSPORT" in key spots around the house, I have charged my iPod and carefully selected my outifts, so I can think of little else that needs to be done.

Tomorrow Alex Sister and I will get the Eurostar at about one in the afternoon, to arrive in Paris just before three. We will make our way to a bar near Sophie's flat (just, I think, at the bottom of the steps of the Montmatre). There we will sit, drink coffee and perhaps some beer, and wait to be joined by our littlest sister. The fun, which will have been building up since arriving at Waterloo and buying treats for the journey, will at that point truly commence. It will steadily increase, leading to an emotional climax on the Sunday night, when Sophie is hosting a party on a boat. The party is themed 'Cabaret Trash' and promises to be exceedingly excellent. At some point after that I assume I will have to come home, but I am choosing not to dwell on that too much.

Dan, Sam, Chris and George are coming over on the ferry on Saturday. They will add to the fun, I can sense it. They are fun people, and everybody knows that fun people are even funner abroad than at home.

So, now I bid you au revoir.

I will bring everyone back a small plastic Eiffel Tower and a tiny French flag.


Anonymous Adrian said...

How can anything themed 'Cabaret Trash' be anything but exceeding excellant.

Have a goo'd time, ask the French where the Champs (pronouced like boxing champ) Duh Ell See' is? They laugh, they find it so funny. Really they dos

9:08 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Ooh Cabaret Trash gives me such great ideas! I think of fishnets w/ a large run.. smeared black eye liner.. sexy red lipstick that is half kissed off.. mm.. fun! Hope you have a great time!

9:21 pm

Blogger Mr Farty said...

Photos! Where are the photos?

12:33 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I have never been to Paris. This is something that I really should sort out some time very soon. It is almost criminial.

I must admit though that I am terrified of the French. I think that it has something to do with holidays in France when i was younger and my parents constantly drilling the phrase "Je ne comprend pas. Je suis Anglaise" into my head so much that it is a knee jerk reaction to blurt it out whenever I hear someone talking in any language I cannot understand. People tend to look at me a little strange when I do that!

1:47 pm

Blogger Curly said...

Some cheese would be nice too, and some saucissen.

I bloody hope I've spelt that right.

3:11 pm


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