Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Post-firing (and a book!)

I am over the Fired! escapade, just about. Well I was until today, when I found out that they had claimed I was an hour late for work last week and therefore weren't going to pay me properly. Ah, whatever, it's over now and I am moving on. (I was not an hour late. I don't understand what I did to so incur that woman's wrath!)

Ahem. Over it.

After a long time of waiting we are finally getting the Internet installed in our not-so-new-anymore house in Brixton this weekend. I will not be there to herald it in as I will Up North, but I hope so much that by Monday I will be able to spend whole nights blogging until I can no longer converse in real life and am forced to conduct every conversation through blogger.com. That, my friends, is the dream.

I currently am sitting in an almost-deserted office, listening to the air-conditioning hum over the endless computers as they sit, black-faced and dormant, under the fluroescent lights. I am waiting to go to do some studio recording, trying to use the time wisely. I will have nothing for dinner so I have just eaten a packet of crisps I didn't want and an extra cup of strong coffee that is making my blood vibrate along with the glinting drinks machine in the corner.

I like this temp job. I have friends at this place (I have temped here before - maybe that is the key). The work is mundane and repetitive but I like that, because I can dream and plan while my hands and eyes are occupied. I like it here.

Money is more than tight, and I am about to start a job at weekends which involves dressing as a cheerleader (it is not that) (or that!). I have re-discovered a deep rooted passion for toast with peanut butter and jam and am therefore spending slightly more time thinking about going to the gym.

Now I am going to go and journey to North London, shove myself onto tubes and try to remind myself not to feel tired. The work I have just spent the day doing merely facilitates that which starts now.

Perhaps one more cup of coffee for the road.


A book of bloggers' writing is being put together in aid of WARCHILD. The idea behind it is that of sharing experiences, which I happen to think is a really lovely premise for a book. I am going to submit something and I think that perhaps you should, too. Go and have a look.


Blogger Clarissa said...

Oh Girl! You are my hero. Whether you feel it or not. You are.

9:38 pm

Blogger Boy said...

Yay. Glad you're over the firing escapade, bigger fish to fry and such like :).
Up North? How Up North? Come to Mancunia!!
Can't wait to have you in the blogsphere again. J'aime.

10:21 pm

Blogger Curly said...

Was the air-conditioning humming any particular tune?

5:50 pm

Anonymous Tracey said...

So glad to hear that you've moved on from the negativity of the last horrible job.

It sounds like your new temp role gives you plenty of time to think about more important things.


2:00 am

Blogger Ys said...

i'm glad the last job has been forgotten about now :)

new internet connections are always fun, aren't they? i think it only took me a day to get bored of the internet again tho :/ hehehe

3:19 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasnt it you who posted about some random anonymous Vlaentine's message you got last year?

Oh, happy valentine

3:31 pm

Blogger Badass Geek said...

I used to make chords with random machine-made sounds, like vaccuum cleaners and fans and such.

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

6:36 pm

Blogger AFC 30K said...

I'm sorry you felt bad about the firing. I resigned form my job in January and my boss told my my services were no longer required, locks were changed vitriolic emails were sent.

I felt bad, even though I ended up being paid for garden leave for a whole month. It was her way of not letting me leave on my terms.

You are quite right, there is no point wanting a curse, their curse is living their own life.

I'm glad you like your new temp job.

It's nice to hear from you again and I hope the recording went well

8:05 pm


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