Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Léonie: Contrite.

One more time (join in with me here) :

Not always.
Not always at all.
But, if I have offended YOU? I was definitely exaggerating on THAT bit. I won't say lying, but maybe I exaggerate from time to time to make myself seem that touch cooler.
Hey, I don't care.
I think it works.


Anonymous Paul said...

Oh dear god, who have you offended now?

4:55 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Another Ex. That makes.. THREE!!! Score. He wasn't too offended though.. just kind of asked me to tone down the 'crazy' and 'stalking' terminology. I am contrite though. (Hangs head)

5:03 pm

Anonymous paul said...

*muffled invocation of the more violent deities*

5:08 pm

Anonymous DT said...

Could you hang it a bit lower?

12:06 am

Blogger Bug said...

Are exes not fair game? I mean, if they were PERFECT you'd still be WITH them, right? (though obviously not at the same time, cos cheating's bad) So they MUST have faults and you wouldn't be a girl if you didn't comment on faults! It's like a genetic urge!

5:02 am


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