Tuesday, September 20, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Léonie is still rubbish at computers!

The thing is, right, that I'm not sure that I'm very much of a technological genius. Now, I know you're all protesting wildly and gesturing frantically at the computer screen, appalled by my modestly. Seriously, though. I think I might be a bit, well, crap.

That's alright, though. I have other talents. Hell, you should see me Morris Dancing.

Anyway, so here's the deal. On Sunday I woke up in Whitton. It's a place that is technically in London, but also feels like it might be not. Because it's suburban, like. I was there because Euan had a murder mystery party at his parents' house on Saturday night and I gatecrashed it. Well, I was invited, actually, but to say I gatecrashed makes me sounds a bit rebellious and cool. Or like a loser with no mates. Definitely one of the two.
My character's name was Sam Gelding, I was a man (which, in real life, I am not) and I was not the murderer (which, in real life, I am) (not really) (and even if I was, you're a whole Internet away so you wouldn't need to be scared) (I do know where you live, though). I guessed who the murderer was, though.

There was lovely food and drink and it was very nice and fun.

The next day everyone else left, because, apparently for some people Sunday is a real day in which it is possible to DO stuff and not just get over a hangover and feel slightly depressed about the imminence of Monday. So Euan and I were left. We played the bongo game for a while until I realised that I HATE doing things I'm not good at and demanded to do things I CAN do. Like walk. I can walk and have been doing for a good few years now, so I felt confident about doing that for a bit. So. I know! cried Euan. Let's go for a walk! Around Whitton!

UPDATE: I didn't actually mean to publish that post. I saved it because I got bored of writing it, so I thought, oh, I'll just save the draft and go and change loads and add later. But then, in a staggeringly appropriate display of technological idiocy I accidentally published it. I'm a knob. Hey, you knew that before you came here, so don't complain.

So Euan and I walked. We walked around. And, guess what! We took pictures!

Good LORD, but we're exciting people.

Anyway, so my point is that Euan sent me the pictures and I uploaded them but I couldn't really do it right so they're in the wrong order so they won't make sense and, oh, whatever. I'm shit. But I do know a funny café name when I see one, and you will too, shortly.

UPDATE: I'm endearingly bad at this stuff. The photos are below. And that's not even all of them. But I did it myself so I will be proud anyway. HA.


Anonymous Euan said...

And the walk was great.

12:42 pm

Blogger C said...

Your sunday sounds a lot more relaxing than mine. I'd love to swap mine for a stroll through Whitton.

1:43 pm

Anonymous Angela said...

I know this will sound stupid to you, as I know I can never understand why people love to visit America, but God those made me want to go back to England soooo badly! I mean, the most creative names we can come up with for bars here are the Fox and the Hound and the Electric Cowboy... we have no Triangle Dicks here! Sigh, I shall now fo mourn the fact that I live in Arkansas and have absolutely no culture. And look at pictures more, because Yay! England!

7:09 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Morris Dancing? Cool! (ok if you can't then you should really learn - all those bells and sticks and stuff!)

And murder mystery parties...even cooler...will I ever be civilised enough to have a party that doesn't involve getting absolutely blotto and passing out before the first course is served? Sigh!

10:26 pm

Blogger Bug said...

Léonie? You're such a dork. Which is, of COURSE, why I adore you so much :)

11:32 am


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