Friday, November 25, 2005

NO crime to report in the last 24 hours! And everyone dies of shock.

Hurray! Not for everyone dying of shock, no no no. Just for me not having accidentally witnessed any major drug busts or elaborate schemes to steal the Hope diamond, or falling prey to a international Crime Ring comprised entirely of dwarves and carnival folk who give their victims merciless chinese burns until the agree to sell their granny for crack. Or.. um.. something like that. No crime! For nearly 48 hours! It's a Thanksgiving miracle. Yes, no, I'm British and do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but it's an excuse for a miracle so I'm using it.

AND I went out on a date last night. AND there was wine! Hurray! There was also chocolate cake! Of which I ate the icing. It was a nice date, although I decided to wait before going all the way.By which I mean telling him the shit in the bag story from the other day, obviously. We went to Covent Garden and sat in a warm bar and, yes, it was nice. It was slightly disconcerting that he already knew loads about me from reading my website, but nevertheless I had a lovely evening. He walked me to my train and kissed me on the cheek and said that next time he'll take me for the whole dinner, not just dessert. Which, you know, nice.

And, in a smooth link-y manner, that links smoothly onto this:

The Friday Feast. Which is something Kelly always does and I thought I'd give it a whirl today, as well.

Appetizer What did you look like when you were a teenager?
I looked like I do now, but younger.
In my Early Teen Years I could never manage to keep my hair off my face, had lots of freckles and was quite tall for my age. I think I reached 5"5 at the age of 13 and remained that way. Although every so often I'll claim to be 5"6 to piss my sisters off, who are smaller than me and bitter as hell. Probably. Perhaps they are not bitter as hell and I made that up. They are small, though.
I used to be a skinny thing, all skinny legs and arms and everything. Skinny. Then: Oh! Hello breasts! You can stop growing now. Seriously, anytime. No, STOP! Oh. (Motherfuckers.) People would no longer describe me as 'a skinny thing'. Dammit.
In Léonie's Teens: The Later Years I looked like how I look now. Except that I didn't have this hunted 'everyone's out to rob me' glint in my eye. Ah, the age of innocence.
(gazes wistfully into the distance for a bit)

Salad Whose advice do you listen to?
Um. Really? Everyone's*. I don't necessarily follow it, but I do like to discuss things with people and get their opinions. Only if it coincides with my own, though. Obviously.
*Although there are a few people's advice I would dismiss pretty much out of hand. I would not, for example, go running to Katie Holmes for relationship advice. Nor would I request fashion tips from, say, this lady.

Soup Name a book you would like to memorize.
Haroun and The Sea Of Stories - Salman Rushdie.

Main Course How often are you sick?
I'm reading this to mean sick in the American use of the word - how often are you unwell - rather than the English one - how often do you vomit.
I don't think any more or less than the next person. I'm not someone who's always ill, like my friend Laura, who always has the 'flu or a broken ankle or a missing head or something. But neither am I someone who is NEVER ill, one of those 'ooh yes, I haven't been to the doctor since '86, and even then it was only to boast about how wonderfully WELL I am all the time' people.
And I don't vomit very often either. The last time I nearly did was when I had to clear entrails of mouse up after my friend Kate's cat brought them in as a treat. And then it was still only nearly.

Dessert Do you like or dislike change?
Oh that MASSIVELY depends, surely! If it's good change, like changing into a millionaire, or changing into a really nice dress or lots of change that actually makes up enough money to buy a lipstick then yes, I like change.
If it's bad change, like changing into a person with one leg, or changing into a blue nylon sack-dress with mould on it, or change in pennies when paying for a ticket with a massive queue of impatient people behind you, then, no. I do not like change.
Seriously, I think I'm the sort of person who is open to changes and fluctuations, but who likes to know what she's doing as a general rule.

And, um, that's it! What insights into my inner-workings we have all gleaned!

In other news that no one is remotely interested in:
-I am reading High Society by Ben Elton at the moment and I recommend it.
- I have three lip balms and two lipsticks in my bag at this moment. I'm not sure that's entirely normal.
- My skin is a bit dry, perhaps because it's REALLY REALLY CAPSLOCK-INDUCINGLY COLD outside.
- Euan, if you're reading this, thank you for your invitation to come out tonight, I would like to. Where are we going and will we be getting drunk and will there be cake because I had that last night and it was good.
- I am hungry. Why am I hungry? I shouldn't be hungry I can't afford it.

I have nothing else to write but I am feeling in an update-y kind of a mood so I might update later on.


Anonymous i.l.s said...

Léonie, why not ring your littlest sister for a bit of a chatty???


11:58 am

Anonymous Jenny said...

Update! Some of us are unfortunate and stuck at work. And quite bored. Thanks!

6:50 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Yay for no crime in 24 hrs and cute boys and cake! Oooh.. cake.. mmm..

9:02 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Dates and cake. Wow. I'm glad you had a good time, you certainly deserve it after your crime ridden life the past two weeks!

9:52 pm


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