Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Of Vests and Pants and Other Things

How important is matching underwear?

I say: Not very. It's definitely nice. But if bra and knickers are both, say, black and lacy, or white and satin-y, or yellow and made of cardboard, but not EXACTLY matching, that's ok. Right?

My bras Cost Money. I cannot, as much as I would like to, swing by Topshop and pick up a nice bra for a tenner. I have to go to special shops for special ladies. Well, actually just Bravissimo, which is the BEST shop in the world, ever, but is a little pricier than, say, M&S or Debenhams. My point is that I will always buy the knickers to match the bra, but I have WAY more pairs of knickers than I do bras, so logistically it is pretty difficult to always match the two. I would like to, though. I think it would make me feel somehow organised. I rarely, rarely feel like that. I would like to (gazes wistfully into middle distance for a little while).

(A small aside for our friends across That Big Sea. Knickers = panties. Not to be confused with 'knickerbockers' which are knee length frilly contraptions favoured by people of Yesteryear and Longago.)

On the same subject Bec says (and I have paraphrased): In a relationship she never bothers with fancy undergarment-y shennanigans. But out of a relationship it is more important because (and here I AM quoting) "you never know who is going to see them". I am relatively sure she didn't mean that to sound how it does when I write it down, and that she generally does have a fairly good idea of who is going to see her knicker(bocker)s from one day to the next. Nevertheless I know what she means. That the world of Singledom is one of potential, and potential means being prepared, and as good Scouts we know that this is very, very important. Which leads to the necessity of having Fancy Underwear to hand (as it were).

Basically what this all means is that Bec and I are going shopping. At Bravissimo, as we are both (ahem) well-endowed (I tell you, it's a pity for David that he is not our way inclined, or he would be having The Best Time Ever sharing with us lovely ladies). I am going to purchase some matching underwear. However, seeing as how most days I cannot even find it within myself to bother with matching socks, I am not sure there is much point. Bec insists, however, that I get some as she wants to splash THE HELL out on some and cannot do it alone. I understand this, it's perhaps a girl thing. Spending is all the sweeter if you know you're dragging someone else down with you.

I might perhaps steer clear of the yellow cardboard underwear, although I think it would be memorable and interesting. Maybe, on second thoughts, those shouldn't be the sort of adjectives one is bearing in mind when selecting underwear.

If anyone has any suggestions that are not too entirely filthy, for either Rebecca or myself in these, our formative single years, feel free to feel freely. I mean, um, feel free to make them. Oh, you know what I mean.


Blogger hen said...

Well I can't speak for all men but generally it is not the colour of bras that matters but the ease of getting them off... as it were.

5:42 pm

Blogger Me Over Here said...

heehee, funny comment.

I say, something I really like are the "boy underwear". They can be really sexy if you get them lacy, soft, and in pretty colors, but also really comfy (as opposed, to say, a "really, there's nothing there but a single string" thong).

Funny, I seem to be more concerned with having my bras and underwear matching when I DO have a boyfriend than when I don't, because knowing me, I don't really meet that many guys. Having a boyfriend overseas helps too...I can be as mismatched as I want for the majority of the year.

Have fun shopping, but don't get dragged down so far that you spend all your money. When it comes to fancy underwear, it can happen.

6:37 pm

Blogger Doug said...

I have to agree with Hen and frankly, I don't think men notice all that much unless you have some sort of planned night out in which case something matching and sexy (preferably in black or white) would be nice.

7:32 pm

Blogger Jenny said...

Ick - white? No. What about a lovely blue???

7:49 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least doug didnt say red.

'knickerbockers' is a much neglected word, as is 'pantaloons'

9:49 pm

Blogger Adz said...

and bloomers

10:33 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

Boyshorts (as they are called here in the States) are wickedly hotttt.

In my express personal opinion.

4:51 am

Blogger Mouldy said...

It's all very forein to me - another thing about women I don't understand!

Never mind...

4:49 pm

Anonymous Bec said...

What's wrong with red?? Oh god I am hopeless. Tell me now before Leonie and I spend all my money....

1:24 pm

Blogger Doug said...

I picked black and/or white because they are the standard classic colors. I would have never said red. Red just screams "Leave the $50 on the nightstand before you go".

2:36 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

The ex said once when I had on a cream bra and printed undies they didn't match.. but he was kidding. Me being in just undies always turned him on. Didn't matter what color they were. I got some fancy lovely undies from my cute friend for my birthday this last year.. and tho ex really liked them, he liked my basic low rider mesh ones from the Gap.. they're so basic but really sexy.. I love 'em. They don't f'n sell them all the time tho.. grr..

8:56 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i didnt say there was anything wrong with red..! but $50 sounds like a bargain

9:55 pm

Anonymous Dan said...

Now this may just be a reflection on my lack of a Serious Relationship, but when I tend to end up with girls for short term (read one night) things, clothes don't always get taken off in the right order. By this, I mean that you might not get to the stage where the girl is just in knickers and bra. Know what I mean? More likely (due to my award-winning over excitement and hastiness) I've taken the top and bra off leaving the jeans/skirt untouched, or else the other way round if things are particularly... um... frantic? I'm not really painting a great picture of myself here am I?

What I essentially mean, is that although quality of single garments can make a difference, matchingness doesn't. And yes mathchingness is a word. Leonie will back me up. Right?

11:07 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Dan I feel has a point here! I love matching underwear but I'm generally of the opinion if the colour matches then it's all good :o)

7:10 pm


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