Friday, January 20, 2006

It must be because I lied when I was seventeen.

I cannot think of any other reason for the Universe to punish me by striking me down with a chest infection, making it ease up a bit and then WHAM! Hitting me with a sinus infection.

(As an aside, I really enjoy starting a sentence, bringing it to an abrupt halt by saying 'WHAM!' and then finishing it in the next sentence. Partially because it is a very sophisitcated and cool literary device, obviously, but also because it makes me burst into internal renditions of Club Tropicana, which is just nice. I said internal renditions, so don't panic.)

Anyway, sinus infections are like really horrible hangovers without the empty tequila bottles and emergency tattoo-removal laser surgery. It even hurt to watch TV. That is some CRUEL illness, I tell you. Yesterday there were points at which I would have cheerfully exchanged a leg for some pain-free Charmed viewing.

In better news: I am on the mend! Which basically means I can go back to work, move into my flat, and wear make up again. I am still coughing, though, which I'm secretly pleased about because it means I can demonstrate to people that, yes, I am perhaps still a little bit poorly, but I am also a Very Brave Soldier who is Battling On Through and should probably be bought some treats at some point, and who should almost certainly have a badge or two made for her.

Anyway, I appear to be blogging on a Friday night, which starkly contradicts my cool, rebelllious wild-child image, so I must desist at once. I have DRUGS to take, though, so that's cool, right? I mean, antibiotics ROCK and you all know it.


Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

I take antibiotics even when I'm not sick because they rock so much.

Glad you're feeling betterer!

10:34 pm

Blogger Bug said...

Is it bug medicine? The cherry-flavoured syrup with the little bugs you push out of the label? Cos THAT stuff rocks!

11:37 pm

Anonymous un-certain suitor said...

get better soon!

2:57 am

Blogger Ant said...

mmmm, antibiotics...

3:53 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend, and hope you're feeling better very soon x

11:16 am

Anonymous Euan said...

Two things:

a) aspirin thins everything in your body (practically) so stuff slips through your sinuses more easily

b) sudafed dries everything up so there's less stuff to clog your sinuses up

And when I get it I try blowing my nose even if I don't need to because sometimes it relieves the pressure.

Oh yes. I've been here before.

Léonie - do you want to go on holiday with me? Next week. Call me.

12:41 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Sinus infections are the worst. I hope you are feeling better this week. Oh and congratulations on being A Very Brave Little Soldier. So sweet!

4:53 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

*sews up badge and stuffs into envelope* phew! there.. hope you get that soon! It's very cute. I made it myself!

1:11 am


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