Friday, March 17, 2006

Over Again

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I Wasn't Crazy And It Wasn't All In My Head, As It Turns Out

Another One Bites The Dust

Why "I Just Feel No Affection For You" Is A Really Horrible Thing To Hear

Well, yes. As it turns out, he really didn't feel anything for me.

It's over.

To be honest I am a little relieved. I really wanted it to be lovely and I really wanted it to work in the long run, but there was no real spark there. He said he felt no affection for me.

I think he didn't mean it harshly. It hurts to be told that, though. He said that perhaps if he was a bit older it wouldn't matter so much, but at this age he's looking for something really special.

That also hurts.

We had a short phone conversation, which started with "I've got to be honest, Léonie, I want to break up with you" and ended with us agreeing to perhaps meet for a drink next time he's around Clapham.

All very amicable. Pleasant, even.

I feel relieved on two levels. Firstly I think that I had sensed that his interest was waning. There had been a connection at the beginning, but that connection didn't translate to actually going out with each other. I didn't feel much passion, I think. I am quite a passionate person, and I was greatly dismayed to find that it wasn't where I wanted it to be. I think that this, the passion, connection, chemistry or whatever you call it, was missing.

Interestingly Girl With A One Track Mind wrote a post about this*. Yesterday I read her post and sort of thought, Oh. Shit. That's what it is. That's what's missing.

I am relieved because I knew that it was missing, and I knew he knew. I think the sheer not-talking-about-it-ness was getting me down. You might have picked up on this if you've read any of the posts I've written over the last week. Perhaps somewhat on the maudlin side. Now it's all out in the open, neither of us has to pretend to feel anything we don't.

The other side of my relief is to do with the fact that I was petrified that I was just paranoid. That it was all in my head. That I am crazy. I am not entirely dismissing that possibility, and in fact I am still going to see a cognitive behavioural therapist because the way I deal with things and am overwhelmed by them could be greatly, greatly improved. I can now, however, acknowledge that, even though I perhaps was brought down by the situation more than I should have been, more than is healthy, I didn't actually imagine the situation in the first place.

I have learned to trust my instincts and my intuitions. If I had done that then I wouldn't have spent over a week questioning my own sanity.

For all this life-affirming positivity, however, I am not going to say that I don't feel a little bit horrible. I think the "I just don't feel any affection for you" bit was the worst, perhaps because it was something I had sensed and therefore was worried about.

No affection. I feel affection for people I see on the tube, for people I have never met. I certainly feel affection for people I have been seeing for a few months. For people I have been sleeping with.

I'm not heartbroken in any way. I am pleased that I don't have to worry anymore and I am, I must admit, feeling a little validated that my instincts were correct. I know that next time I will trust those instincts and intuitions, and not try to talk myself out of them.

The malaise I am feeling is connected to a feeling of disappointment. Of another ex to add to the ever-increasing collection.

I wanted something good to happen and it didn't. As simple as that. I think I just feel a bit crushed.



Blogger Huw said...

I admire your ability to find validation in being dumped - just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean etc etc - and wish you luck this weekend having to put up with the usual platitudes you will undoubtably field from well-wishers.

P.S. I feel a smidgen of affection for you.

9:28 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

That really must have urt to hear. I can't believe someone would say something so unfeeling. I am with Huw on this - I feel affection for you and you are just a person I know by words and emails. Strange that he would feel nothing. I cannot actually believe that could be true.

I hope that you got well and truely resonated at some point this weekend and I am sorry that stupid blogger didn't let me in to leave this comment on Friday.

9:40 am

Blogger Adz said...

It's better to end it amicably, than let it drag on til you hate each other and fight and argue.

It's never nice, but I am sure all your friends perked you up over the weekend!

12:30 pm

Anonymous Tony said...

Hope you are feeling better, a girl who can sing and write as well as you will never be without some chap embarrassing himself in a bid to win your approval for long. We're like puppies in that respect.

12:36 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

You know the old joke about what the paranoid had on his tombstone "See I told you there were out to get me"

Breakups are always lousy even if amicable. You're taking it pretty well, and if it wasn't right, it wasn't right. Maybe that is just to clear the way for something that is right to come along.

And you still seemed to have a good time with him, and their is nothing wrong with having had a good time and enjoyed yourself for a while.

1:38 pm

Blogger Mouldy said...

Like so many of the other people leaving comments today, I think this bloke has been a bit harsh.

No affection? He's lying.

Be strong.

You're lovely.

2:02 pm

Blogger Anne said...

I know this feeling so well..even if you want to break up with someone it still hurts to know that they want to break up with you. It would be awfully hard to hear that someone has no affection for you.

I just jumped over from dancin fairy..enjoying your blog so far...

hope tomorrow is better for you..

10:31 pm

Blogger Ant said...

Break-ups suck, no matter what end of it you're on and no matter how much of a good idea it is. It's the empty feeling that accompanies them that's horrible.

Time, the great healer, will help things immensely and you will prevail...

10:14 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

Aw sweetie.. I'm sorry about that. I'm so behind here.. and doing my best to catch up. My ex just told me, during his explanation for why he's called me twice in the last two weeks in the middle of the night and drunk that it wasn't cuz he missed me when I suggested that might be the answer. He said no so quickly and dryly it stung.. a lot. I didn't know he didn't miss me.. like not even a smidge. And tho I'm starting to realize we're not meant for each other, hearing that still made me feel so unspecial.

I've decided men are different when they are not into a woman. Women can still have an affinity but not attraction.. Men still have the attraction but no emotional attachment. I don't get it, but I wish they could be a tad more sensitive about it. They should take a class.. that's what I think.

8:13 pm


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