Thursday, September 28, 2006

Couldn't Remember The Greatest Title In The World.

This is my second blog entry today. Cryptic, aren't I?

I have begun a torrid affair with MySpace. Even though I dislike it and think it's all a bit clunky and hard to navigate I have been toying with it. I wrote an entry on the blog bit, and was whisked back to that uncertain time of starting a blog. So many questions. What do I write? Who will care? How many exclamataion marks is too many exclamation marks? Should I do smilies? (Answers: Whatever you want. Everybody and nobody. Two. No, not ever, never please, for me.)

I actually managed to find my first ever entry on another blog which I started before I moved across to Blogger. It went like this:

"Here it is then. My First Internet Diary Entry. I am a bit scared for a couple of reasons. Firstly that I am not going to be cool or funny enough for anyone to read. Secondly that people will read what I have to say, and refuse to be my friends.
In other news, I have just been dumped. What I would really like is for everyone to tell me that I am cool and funny and pretty and nice and deserve cool and funny and pretty and nice things.
Now I really want to publish this so I can look at it and imagine what I would think of me if I wasn't me. That totally makes sense."

I wrote that on the sixteenth of March 2005, at 10.49am. Which is ages ago, really. It is peculiar to think how much has changed since then. So much. In love, in singing, in the ratio of depressed to happy I live in. I have realised I am not American and therefore cannot really get away with writing the word 'totally'. I am over being dumped for the first time ever, and have been dumped a second time since, which I was over within about a day and a half. I now have two blogs and a website, despite possessing the technological aptitude of half a squirrel. I had a fringe back then. Imagine! How times change.

I am about to leave my job, move back home, and go for it all out with this singing lark. Friday October the twenty-seventh will be my last day in my current job, and while I will certainly miss various people, I would never, ever want an office job full time ever again. I don't hate it, and I can see the appeal of it, but I know for a fact that office work is not for me and never will be. For other things I know for a fact will never be for me please see: breakdancing.

When I wrote that entry above I was completely (nay, totally) miserable. I felt depressed, had little to no self-esteem, and had absolutely no idea how to follow this dream of Singing As A Job. I am not about to claim that now I do Singing As A Job, but I know which road I'm on and I'm bloody well not turning off it, even if there is an two-for-one on pancakes offer on at the Little Chef. Thanks to lots of pricey therapy I now have more self-esteem and am not depressed, and I no longer take razors to myself when I hit the skids (frank talking, anyone?). Hurray for relative sanity!

This wasn't meant to be a "I'm cured!" post. It was meant to be slightly braggy about the fact that I have another blog, which, as we all know, is not nerdy and loserish at all. I also wanted to have a bit of laugh at my writing style of yesteryear. Using words such as 'braggy' and 'loserish' have sort of made that second objective impossible, though, and I managed to get the bragging over with in about four lines so I thought I'd pad it out with a small epiphany. I've come so far! I once was lost but now I'm found! I will do anything for love but I won't do that! The usual stuff.

So now I have the two blogs I will have to spend all my time thinking up pithy ways to end posts, because it takes me longer to write the final line and the title than it does to write the entire rest of the post, make a cup of tea and nick a chocolate digestive from the people in Accounts. You might not think so, but it does.

For the forseeable future all titles of posts here will be tributes to Tenacious D songs. Do you get it? Tribute? No, I know, it's a bit complex, really.


Blogger Huw said...

Titles are troublesome for me too, with an age spent thinking them up. And they are still rubbish.

2:32 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I love the title and bizarrely enough I did get the reference. That is nothing short of a miracle to me!

All this Tenacious D talk has reminded me of something so - thanks!

I hope that the lack of workplace will not stop you blogging as I need my Lèonie fix every now and then! You will be forgiven if you are mega famous and have to go to swish parties and the like though!

2:45 pm

Blogger gilmic said...

recently my blog titles have read: 'today', 'saturday', 'hen weekend' - the prize to the most unimaginateive title author would go to me.
i had to google for video for 'Tribute to....' after you mentioning them and I still love it (
Seems like the present is looking good for you.

4:56 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Huw - titles make the whole blogging process much more stressful. They should be banned.

DF - I would hate to stop blogging, in or out of the workplace. Blogging on my own time will be peculiar but I am prepared to try it out.

Gilmic - Watching that video just absolutely made my day. Thank you so much!

5:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh, i remember reading that actually. i cant remember how i found your blog though.

thats quite quick for growing out a fringe.bravo.

9:46 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

You can use 'totally'. I totally give you permission cuz I'm totally American.. I say so. Just like good 'ol GW.

Also.. what the f is a chocolate digestive? It doesn't sound good.

But yay for Much Progress! I love the looking back. Tho I must say, I don't love myspace.. but I'm still on it and happily link to you pretty girl. xoxox

3:26 am

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

tenacious d rocks my socks.

12:38 pm


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