Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It Doesn't Matter If It's Good, It Only Matters If It Rocks

I went to bed early last night, diligently. I felt so smug as I carefully cleansed, toned and moisturised before reading for a while then switching off the tall lamp next to my bed. I had taken a bath and relaxed, knowing that after that there was nothing left to do but go to bed and sleep. Tonight, tomorrow night, the night after that and the night after that one and I think the night after that I am booked up, and I decided to rest in preparation. Off I went to sleep, dreaming elegantly of pretty flowers, adorable kittens with bows around their necks and strawberry-flavoured lipglosses that repell hair even in the whippiest of winds.

I woke up this morning absolutely bloody knackered. My head was pounding and my eyes felt like someone dastardly had snuck through the window in the night with some superglue-laced mascara and performed some kind of avant-garde makeover. To add to the simply marvellous fun, the builders next door had decided that this moment was absolutely ideal for banging hard on the wall just above my head with what I can only assume was some kind of fucking industrial-sized hammer. "Right" I thought through gritted eyelids, "I am going to write a letter. Of complaint. Perhaps in capital letters. That'll bloody learn'em."
I'm sure they could have found other things to do on the building site at five-to-fucking-seven in the morning. Maybe building some shelves quietly, attaching a door handle or having some Silent Reading Time with their still-crisp copies of The Sun. Maybe things that invole quiet implements like screwdrivers rather than loud ones like hammers. Then I giggled childishly at the thought of the relative merits of a quiet screwing and a loud nailing for a while until I got up.

To sum up, though, the 'going to bed at a reasonable hour' tactic clearly doesn't work for me. Apparently the only sleep that works for me is sleep in the mornings, which is just about exactly the time I am not allowed to stretch out under my duvet, where my consciousness can ebb away gently and I can feel myself being lifted by the Hugh Jackman-esque arms of sleep. Instead I am forced to get up and squeeze onto the Northern Line to be sweated on by ten thousand advertising executives before sitting in an office all day, dreaming and avoiding work.

Soon I will escape. I will run, free and penniless, with the other artists, sitting in cafés and writing meaningful poetry about Life. Well, the chances are that I won't be running, but I shall certainly adopt a satisfied (if tortured) swagger.

For now I must endure, and accept that really my body is used to late nights. It likes them, even if it makes me tetchy and difficult to be around. This is lucky, because secretly I was bored last night, amid all that relaxation. I wanted to be partying, to be talking animatedly with someone about how much corporate life sucks and how much I like their hair. I wanted to be debating the judiciousness of accepting another glass of wine and then screwing judiciousness and accepting two. Going to bed early is overrated and, if I am to judge by the way I feel today, not at all good for you.

Nope. Tonight I shall continue the experiment and go out and get resonated, and see whether tomorrow I feel more chirpy. All in the name of science, you see. I am quite the modern day Marie Curie.


Anonymous Paul said...

Er... Didn't Marie Curie die of radiation poisoning? I think it was from handling all that Radium, back before we realised how incredibly dangerous it was...

(Amusing and not-apocryphal-despite-sounding-so fact of the day: people used to put radium in toothpaste to make their teeth shiny. Until peoples' jaws started falling off. No, really.)

4:36 pm

Blogger Curly said...

Agree, going to bed early is just rubbish.

I went to bed early last week sometime, I heard the students next-door (hyphen needed?) going out at 11pm, then coming back again at 3am. Despite being woken up by shrieking and laughing both times, I secretly wanted to get up and join in. Besides, it was only WORK in the morning.

Want me to make some 'Get Resonated' badges and some puke coloured wristbands to wear?

4:45 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Tonight will be the third night I am out in a row. I am not used to the late nights. I am the opposite of you!

I am feeling very old right about now.

4:55 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Paul - Yes, she did, but she did Good Stuff For Science before she died. I am like her because I am performing valuable experiments with no thought of the detriment to my own body. Sacrifice. Although I don't want my jaw to fall off. Oh no I do not.

Curly - Yesplease on the badges, nothanksgross on the wristbands. Let's get reso-ed.

DF - You just need to train up. It's like anything. Like sport. You need to keep the going out muscles in constant use in order to maintain a decent Personal Best. Keep on going, three in a row is a commenable start.

5:08 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Commendable. I have no idea if that's how it's spelt, even. You know what I mean.

5:09 pm

Anonymous Euan said...

Going to bed early does not work for me. The only times I can force myself into bed is when I'm sick. Otherwise, if I can get to bed by 1.20pm I feel very proud of myself.

I quit my job last week and have stayed up until 3am for the last few days making my CV look pretty.

Shameless job-whoring - anyone looking to hire a web producer? I don't need much sleep.

8:03 pm

Blogger gilmic said...

I must savour my early nights during the week because lately people keep trying to kill me with alcohol and much merriment at the weekends. I usually recover just in time to make it to the weekend where upon the whole vicous circle starts again.......

10:18 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

I went to bed early for me, 11pm, last night cuz I had a 7am meeting this am and still feel like I got 5 min of sleep. But normally, I can't get my ass to bed until midnight at least. That's also not working.. but when I do have a relaxing night in and am not out being social, I do feel rather bored, even if I get quality time w/ myself and the cat. I feel like I'm missing out.

Marie Curie never had her music on myspace did she? You're way better than her. Just sayin'.

5:09 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Your hair looks fabulous, so shiny!

Can I get you a gin? No? Red wine? Dancing afterwards? Here, let's grab a seat, have some drinks and I can tell you all about my crappy day at the Investment Wank...

(Does that help?!)

11:50 pm


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