Thursday, February 15, 2007

Don't Talk To Me About Life

I was nearly killed by Valentine's Day. I was on the tube and some guy "accidentally" whacked me with an oversized bunch of flowers. If they had been roses with thorns it could have cut me. If one of the thorns had tetanus on it, it could have killed me.

Nobody thinks of the innocent victims.

I got a card, which was nice. It was in a red envelope, which was also nice. I also ate some Maltesers and watched CSI (two episodes) so all in all it was a successful day. I could have rounded the whole thing off nicely with some cheese, but everybody knows that cheese after chocolate is unethical.

Speaking of cheese, I am going to Paris soon. My Impish Little Sister lives there, of course, and the other day she sent me a text message saying the following:

"Hey miss léonie head how are you? What are you doing from thurs 29th march until 2nd april? Can i send you tickets to paris? Love impish xx"

Partly I love her because she doesn't use text speak. Partly because she is my sister and I can sometimes borrow her clothes.

Primarily, however, I love her because she says things like "can I send you tickets to Paris" and she isn't even toying with me to be mean. Hurray!

It will be her birthday on the Sunday, and she is organising an event entitled "Cabaret Trash", with bands and acts, and I will sing! I want to do dirty lounge jazz. In a long black dress whilst lying on a piano. With martinis and men fanning me and perhaps stroking me, although maybe that would be taking the 'trash' element slightly too far. To make matters considerably better, my older sister Alex will be coming as well, and we are booked onto the same Eurostar there and back. What larks shall be had! My friends and co-conspirators Chris and Dan are hopefully coming too, provided that I hassle them enough.

I met up with bloggers the other day. For drinks. Betty and Mr Angry and Greavise, all of whom are twinkling away prettily in the links section. Also present was Bec, of ex-flatmate fame. She counts as a blogger despite not having written anything on her site since the dawn of time. For the sake of nostalgia I keep her linked as well, and she has recently resolved to write some more so I am hanging on for that. The drinks were very nice, and the company delicious. There was slightly less talk of nipple tassels than last time, although more talk of big plates that vibrate and whether a Valentine's Day text message is quite getting into the Proper Spirit Of Things.

Tonight I am going back to see New Producer. Well, I am going back to look at the coffee machine, really, but if there is some music going on then that'll be all the better.

Today, I have been informed, it is sunny in Paris. Sophie is happy, and I am trying to make plans. I shall go running and make them. Then tomorrow I get to go for coffee with Andre, which is lovely. On Saturday it is the birthday of my friend Max, who is delightful and in whose honour I shall drink wine.

I am hoping that this Sunday the silence won't get me, but, as always, I wait and see.


Blogger Huw said...

That's what was missing from my day yesterday: Maltesers!

2:18 pm

Blogger Betty said...

Red envelopes, red shoes, red lipstick.

I love red.

2:32 pm

Anonymous Mr Angry said...

It is definitely getting into the Proper Spirit Of Things. I have actual real live texted replies from actual real live women to prove it.

They clearly did not want flowers and cards, and obviously appreciated the 20 seconds out of my day it took to write the messages.

So there.

Good luck with the coffee machine, I err mean producer. Yes, producer. Definitely.

5:19 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Huw - Yes, Huw, we ballerinas cannot eat anything else.

Betty - Me too. I prefer lipstick and shoes to envelopes, but red is good. Nothing beats a red dress.

Mr A - Flowers and cards are overrated. I did not, after all, nearly get killed on the tube by a text message.

5:31 pm

Blogger Clarissa said...

Is it unethical to each cheese after chocolate if you intend to eat more chocolate after having the cheese ... with say a glass of red wine?

6:29 pm

Blogger greavsie said...

I still think we should've sung....

7:14 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

Ave. Not meaning to dismiss your near death as trivial or anything but can't you only get tetanus from rusty metal not rose thorns? Just saying you know.

7:25 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you just reminded me of that maltesers advert...yay, im happy now. and so i shall reward you one e-malteser:


10:01 pm

Blogger Rebecca said...

Thank you for counting me as a 'blogger' I now feel very 'Londony' and 'edgy' (too many'''I think). I spent my v day watching arsenal and eating icecream, with red shoes and lipstick on, naturally. Thank you for my e-card - it was the only one I got.....sniff. xx

12:16 am

Blogger todaysdaze said...

your planned trip to paris sounds so exciting, but what is "dirty lounge jazz??" or does it just mean the place you are singing is not vey clean???

7:56 am

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

The day would've killed me too had I not rec'd a bouquet of tulips from my best gay boyfriend ever. That truly saved the day from being completely wallowed in.. even tho I didn't care the least about that stupid day. No. I didn't. At all. Glad you weren't hurt by that silly man and his flowers!

12:35 am

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