Friday, May 27, 2005

Hussification. Sextastic. Basically on HEAT.

Number of sexy men I flirted shamelessly with today BEFORE 9 am: 3

Reasons I should not be single when it's hot and sunny: Oh, thousands.

On the tube. Sexy man. BRAZEN eye-contact. On the street. Sexy man. More eye-contact and a hint of a smile. In a shop. Sexy man. Full sex.

Did I ever mention that sometimes I exaggerate for comedy value?

Does everyone get that thing of when it's all hot and sunny you suddenly feel all.. well.. you know, you feel all sexual? It can't just be me. I know some people hate the hot weather, and some people see it as simply a great sunbathing opportunity, and fair enough. But in me it triggers a response of raging lust. I just want to find a sexy man and like... you know (yeah ok this 'coy' routine is fooling nobody, I know) have lots of the sex and kissing and games and fun things. Don't get me wrong, I do resist this urge to leap wildly on strangers, but the urge is nevertheless there and, frankly, it worries me a little. What would happen if I lived in a hot country? Doesn't bear thinking about. (Oh, but I DO think about it. Part of the problem, I suppose.)

Please send sex toys or cold showers.


Blogger Doug said...

I think men have this problem too. Of course I think it's because women start to wear less and less as the days get hotter and hotter.

1:18 pm

Blogger Bug said...

We-ell, it makes a sort of sick, twisted sense, doesn't it? You have sex, you get hot. You get hot, you think of sex! Or maybe it's just all the sweat... damn woman, now I want to see sexy men!

And honey? :) (or whatever the UK equivalent is)

1:40 pm

Anonymous WWJD said...

Leonie, I'm really worried about your latest blog. You clearly are some kind of pervert.
When I get feelings of that nature, particularly in the hot sunshine, I kneel down and pray and ask for God's guidance. He always shows me the light. I ask myself - What would Jesus do?

I hope you too can find the light and that Jesus will come into your depraved, sordid little life.

P.S. I recommend

2:55 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

I agree.

hot weather = more sexual feelings

Hands down agreement here. And I side with Doug. The hotter the weather, the hotter the women.

12:39 am

Blogger Cecilia said...

Okay, bit disturbed by the Jesus-lady. I thought that Jesus was supposed to love us no matter who we are or what we do. And appreciating the wonderful work of God that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of. After spending 11 years at a Catholic school I'm pretty familiar with my bible, you know Jesus-lady, the book that's supposed to be the word of God on earth? I think that YOU, Jesus-lady, are preverting the word of the Lord.

1:34 pm

Blogger Bug said...

It's ok, Cecil, don't get fiesty - check out if you think wwjd is being all pious

And buy yourself something while you're there, lovey :)

3:19 pm

Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

Ewe yuck - when I am hot, don't even touch me, I hate to sweat and summer brings sweat... but give me a cool summer night (wink wink)
-Career Woman

6:29 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't beat snow sex. Ask any ski instructor....

10:42 pm

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