Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So, just because EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD can manage to be technologically better, cooler and therefore smugger than I am, it doesn't mean I'm a bad person, right?

There's an old wizened lady sitting in a tunnel in a Himalayan mountain, eyes shut and hands bound together and guarded by a vigilant and ancient goat, who hasn't seen the light of day for three hundred years (in fact, neither the lady nor the goat have seen the light of day for that long because he is so damned vigilant), who is laughing at me because she is more technologically adept than I am.

I am officially shit.

I just spent AGES trying to do the link-y bit of my page. I even had my special 'concentrating' face on for the occasion. I was so excited to re-publish and look at the beautiful links I, and I alone, had created. And low and behold? NOTHING. NADA. (sob)

My face is now composed in a manner that some refer to as 'woeful', or 'sad'. Others may refer to it as 'pathetic', or even 'butt-ugly', but that is beside the point.

Shit, I tell you.

Maybe you, you who is much, much better and cooler than I am can help me?


Blogger Bug said...

Ah, you poor lass :) It took me AGES to work out the linky thingies as well - and in the end I had to get my 15-year-old brother to show me *sigh*

I'm sure you'll figure it out! And then you can eat white chocolate ice cream as a reward. Mmm . . .

5:17 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've done it right, now you need to go to the 'template' page of you blog, scroll down to the bit of html (code stuff) that looks like it does here in this link:


and then delete the first 'EDIT ME' and replace it with the address you want to link. and then the second 'edit me' with the name
as you want it to appear on your list (its not as hard as it sounds!)



would become:


hope that helps!

(it would let me paste the whole link code thing in here, i can email it if youre not sure what i mean)

6:29 pm

Blogger peashelle said...

Don't be so hard on yourself - by tomorrow you'll be a pro at it, if you don't go blind by searching through the whole template for the right bit.

8:29 pm

Anonymous Jenny said...

I can't help. I'm on TypePad which is kind of Blogger for Dummies I think. I'm sure you'll have it straightened out soon!

Funny post!

8:58 pm

Anonymous HarBag said...

You forget that, in spite of her clearly frustrating situation, this old woman might still conceivably have a Blackberry or two concealed about her person. In fact, she may be using them to simultaneously sustain a sucessful career in freelance business network design, feed a terminal ebay-habit and run a well optimised feminist poetry website www.thegoatwhomakesmeweep.com.

So don't feel belittled by the sad old kryptotechnocrone.

11:33 pm

Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

if all else fails...e-mail me the links you want to post...I'll type it up for you and you can just copy and paste it into your template. I'm willing to help because it took me near 15 years to figure it out and the whole time I just wished someone would do it for me.

5:23 am

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