Monday, May 16, 2005

In which Hip-ness runs in the family

Well. Well, well well.

I told my Dad about my tattoo. The conversation went a little something like this :

Me: Daaaaad? (wheedling tone. He knows that wheedling tone. It usually infers I am going to ask for money/a pony/more money)
Dad: (suspicious, a little bit disarmed. I could practically hear the beginnings of a scream starting in his brain.) Yes..?
Me: You love me, right?
Dad: (Oh bloody hell) Er.. yes.
Me: I've got something to tell you (smiling ear to ear in a 'don't worry I'm not pregnant' manner) that you might.. er.. not.. like so much. I mean, not that you'll, you know, actively, like DIS-like it, I mean, I just want to know..
Dad: (get the hell on with it - bloody middle children, so attention seeking - neither of us is getting any younger) Yes? What is it? (This is it. This is what's going to kill me.)
Me: Is there anything I could do that would make you cut me out of your life, turn your back, refuse to acknowledge me as a daughter? Anything that might make you shield you eyes from me in a dramatic gesture and extradite me from the house for evermore, never to be talked of and hailed in future generations as 'she whom we speak not of'?
Dad: Honestly?
Me: Er.. yes?
Dad: No.
Me: Good.
(Show him tattoo. Brace myself for disapproval at least, if not utter disgust and horror.)
Dad: Oh.
Is that real?
Me: Yeah.
Dad: Oh.
(a beat)
Dad: That's okay. It's quite nice really. Did you design it yourself?

Me = confused.
My Dad = unexpectedly really cool.

Hmm. Turns out, I don't know everything about everything. No, don't shake your head like that in vehement disagreement, I think it might be true.
Haven't told my mother yet though.

Maybe, horror of horrors, I am actually growing up, and my parents don't need to approve everything I do.

No, can't be that.

There is nothing else for it.

Tonight I'm going after that pony.


Blogger Bug said...

That's so cool!

My mum thought mine was nice. Dad called me 'degenerate'

When are you going to put a picture up of this tattoo??

4:41 am

Anonymous Marshmlo10 said...

My mom made me show all of my relatives at Christmas after I told her ("why else did you get it if you don't want people to SEE it?"). My grandma even took a picture of it! Yeah. Of course, that was also the Christmas where my cousin brought his life-partner after just coming out in his Christmas card, so I guess a tatoo made me angelic in the eyes of my small-town grandma...

1:38 am

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl said...

My mother cried when I showed her my first one. She thought my second one ws "cute." And she refuses to look at my third one.

3:18 am


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