Friday, May 13, 2005

The Day The Internet Ate My Post: A Tragedy

I wrote an entry. It disappeared.

Where did it go? Who has it? Do you have it? Why did you steal it?

I know it's Friday the Thirteenth and Bad Things will happen and I must just accept this.

But I weep nevertheless.

(You'd've liked the entry, it might even have been the best yet. But alas. It is gone.)



Blogger e$ said...

oh god, i know your pain. Tip: before publishing, ALWAYS copy your post into notepad!! It's like religion :)

9:32 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i completely forgot it was friday the 13th,,,that explains alot

10:45 am

Blogger Bug said...

Oh Léonie, you're a duffer :)

5:02 pm

Blogger Ambrose said...

My first visit to your blog - Paul (Knapp) who knows you recommended I read it when we were sitting in a wine cellar yesterday (!)

BTW, the links side of the blog is pretty easy to ammend. Let me know if you need any instructions.

2:37 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

Hmm. Never expected that Ambrose would actually follow up that half-drunken recommendation. Hello, Ambrose; hello, Leonie. See how I bring people together?

10:22 am


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