Thursday, July 14, 2005

(Grins cheekily) I'm back...

I am standing atop a large mountain, surveying my domain with displeasure. I cast my penetrating stare over the writhing cesspool of discontent and heave a sigh. I shake my head and fling my arms open wide. "Enough!" I cry into the raging, moaning winds. "No more!". The words ring out over the plains, and over the swirling, angry sorrow-filled plains a stillness creeps. That's it. "Come on!" I holler. "CHEER THE FUCK UP ALREADY!"


I'm not going to tell you that I am totally fine about what happened on Monday. I'm not, I am exhausted and feeling a bit (a lot) low as a result. As for last Thursday, well, I am so saddened for those people and their families who have been directly affected by the horrible atrocities. I am hurting for their pain. Last Thursday had an effect on me, it shocked and moved me. But the way I feel now is actually best summed up in this entry from another Londoner, Anna, so read that, because she articulates it much better than I could (but come back afterwards please!).

The point I am trying to make is that I feel like I need to make an effort to cheer myself up. And this, my esteemed friends and compatriots, is where the blog comes in. What better way to cheer myself than to force myself to focus on The Funny? Or, more specifically, The Funny To Me? (Getting drunk, you say? Nods slowly. Interesting, interesting.)

So I plan on resuming normal service very soon. I will once again regale you with stories taken directly from Léonie: The Musical, and we will all smile shyly at each other and proceed to live happily ever after in a virtual commune.

I just need to pick myself up a little bit first. Any suggestions?

(PS. If you are in London next Thursday then come to my gig! Look! If you're not in London then fly over because I want you to, and bring a big banner with my name on it, please. Thanks.)


Blogger peashelle said...

That is sooo exciting! I wish I could come cheer you one! :D

5:26 pm

Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

awe, I'll be there in spirit!

11:53 pm

Blogger Doug said...

It's a shame I live thousands of miles away. I don't think you'll be able to read my sign.

2:01 am

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

A gig? I wish I could go.

You know I would, if only I didn't live in that Big Country with Michael Moore and burgers.

3:44 am

Blogger Bug said...

Ok, you twisted my arm, I'll come - can I crash on your couch?

5:39 am

Anonymous Sophie impish little sister said...

Léonie!! Oh how much I love you my dear sister! It is stifling hot in Paris (see I am Wilde) and I am in the internet cafe like a fool- just getting a quick london news fix then i'm off for an adventure (have 0 euros till monday and no phone credit so random adventures on foot and off cuff are all the rage and maybe someone will call me to join in at some point, how fun). I am going to stroll along the canal st martin and try to find new strange things (last time i found a lump, bump, moooound of different coloured cooking pans, perhaps around 200- they looked fun).
I had a brilliant night on thursday, léonie you would have loved it, sitting with around 30 friends (who isn't?), guitars and wine on the 'pont des artes' and got lost in singing, enjoying myself beyond belief, only to stop and find the whole bridge clapping (many-a-person as well as the bridge). On that note, how does a bridge clap? Like a draw.

Adventure calls, I love you Léonie, really a million waitrose choc chip cookies, a large box of dolmio, pink lemonade, and a cold beer at the right moment for the rest of my life couldnt buy my love for you. But those things would be nice, can you send me a cookie from waitrose? Or actually, bring one over and come and bloody visit me while I still know people here... and we can sing in the streets (oh and im singing in a bar next week)

Paris is a circus, bisous


3:06 pm


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