Monday, July 04, 2005

La la la, tra la la la..

That's my song and I shall sing it all day.

Did you have a good weekend? I hope you did. I hope you had fun and frolics. I sincerely hope that somebody you had a huge crush on told you that they have a huge crush on you too and I REALLY hope that you spent your weekend with that person and it was the best weekend, like, EVER.

Because those sorts of weekends are some SHIT HOT ones, I can tell you.

Yes, I can tell you that, because I know what those sorts of weekends are like.

La la la. Tra la.

I will give you a very brief outline of some of the things I did this weekend.


Danced lots.

Spent four hours(ish) with a yellow balloon tied to my wrist.

Whacked people, including myself, on the head with afore-mentioned yellow balloon. Lots.

Redeemed myself in the navigational stakes by knowing which bus to get on, and more impressively/surprisingly, which side of the road to get the bus from.

Laughed a lot.

Had immense amounts of fun.


Discovered that feta cheese makes my mouth go all sting-y (it seems important to point out that I don't mean 'stingy', as in, tight with money, because that would be strange if feta cheese made my mouth all stingy and unwilling to get rounds in. No, just to clarify, I mean that it stings) but that I will eat it anyway and just complain.

Drunk Interesting Beer. Strawberry beer is nice. Not so much the cherry beer, although it's still beer and that makes it Fine By Me. Delirium Tremens beer was some good shit, particularly when only purchased because the sign on the wall advertising it had little elephants picked out in LEDS that were doing a kicky dance.

Eaten a cake with Maltesers on it. I didn't eat the whole cake, although I may have had more than my fair share of the Maltesers.

Gone to Euan's birthday party. Accidentally turned up five hours late. Sorry, Euan.

Slept in a (normal sized) bed with three other people, when one of those other people was wearing a bowler hat. Nobody was naked (as far as I know).

Smiled a lot and felt all happy.

Had immense amounts of fun.


Woke up. Noted three other people on bed with me. Felt a little bit like I wasn't sure what to do with this fact, so decided to ignore it and pretend it was normal.

Had Full English Breakfast in a greasy spoon-esque café.

Had a pretty intense experience with a Ribena ice-lolly. I didn't really know when I bought it, but it was EXACTLY what I needed after a night of The Lash and then a very grease-orientated breakfast. Who knew that something so simple could be so perfect? Not me, but I do now, and feel I can pass on my wisdom. Knowledge is power, people.

Seen the third best view in the UK.

Crush crush crush. Reciprocation. Smile smile-y smile.

La la tra la.

Watched 'Saw'. Got TOTALLY and utterly freaked out and cried a little bit out of sheer terror. Yes, I know, this isn't the coolest move in the world. But this film for some reason really made me into a cry baby who cries and is just a big crier, and not even chocolate raisins help much in that situation (although, obviously, they do help).

Decided I couldn't POSSIBLY make the trek across Big Scary London after I had witnessed the scary scariness of the horrors the human race is capable of (even though, yes I KNOW it's not real, yada yada, but it FELT real to me).

Didn't go home.

Had immense amounts of fun.

And that was that. And, do you know what? There is just one word that I feel sums it up.


(tra la, tra la la la la la....)


Anonymous Marshmlo10 said...

Yay! I'm very excited for you and glad you had a happy weekend!

8:18 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just started lurking here the past few days because I found your site through No1Hypocrite's site. You are so funny, I'll be stopping by again. :)


9:46 pm

Blogger Doug said...

I'm glad you had a good wekend. Mine was busy as well. 4th of July means fireworks and sparklers and illegal fireworks someone drove to another state to get since Pennsylvania has laws about everything.

3:49 am

Blogger Little Boo Peep said...

:) tra la la la...........

well done love, marvellous effort on the uber crush :)

6:52 am

Blogger Leah said...

Hurrah! Good job with the crush. But mainly? LOOOOVE Delirium Tremens. (Priorities, people!)

2:31 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hon, that's an allergy to feta you have there. if the stinginess gets worse stop eating it... til then enjoy the greek cheesy goodness.

11:45 pm

Anonymous Gems xxx said...

Hi Leonie! Gems here! Yes I do know how that feels, its fucking great isn't it! i'm still a walking smile factory after an almost identical situation a month and a half ago. Love you so so much and am sooooooooo glad that your crush crushes you too (sounds painful...might have to work on my semantics) Oh and if anyone else knows anymore duckbilled platypus facts...I love em!

Gems xxx

3:27 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes- ribena lollies are good, unless you (foolishly) left lovely, sunny london for THE LAND OF NONSTOP RAIN

what is the third best view in the uk?

saw is so so good, and so awful- but really clever

3:34 pm

Blogger loz said...

I also want to know what the 3rd best view is! (Though maybe you could enlighten us as to the first two as well?)

I'd say keep up the great writing, but I know you will.... xx

10:35 pm


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