Saturday, July 09, 2005

More words.

This is going to be quick. I just wanted to mention how deeply moved I felt to read your comments today, and to try to find some way of saying how much they mean to me.

It seems to be some natural order of things that good can pour into the void that evil creates, to fill it and make things, if not whole again, restored in some part.

Thursday's events shook everyone to the core. Personally I felt my faith in humanity had been shattered in a way that broke my heart. How to believe in the good of humankind after such continuous atrocities? As 9/11 was thrust back into the forefront of our consciousnesses, how could we continue to feel our existence in this world had any meaning?

As with 9/11, however, the universe sought quickly to reassure us, to gently remind us that there is always good, and that good will always conquer evil. Fairy tales teach us to believe that we will live happily ever after, that good will overcome in the face of the worst evil thrown at us. Every story ever told is based on that premise, and this story is no different.

Reading through messages from people I have never met, whom I shall probably never meet, and feeling the warmth and humanity through the words on the screen, that for me mended the part of me that was broken - my faith in humanity.

The impulse in the face of tragedy is to turn to the person standing next to you and love them, touch them and share humanity with them, and that is how good overcomes evil.

I am sorry if my language is too flowery, if my sentiment is one that has been repeated over and over, if language does not do justice to the genuine gratitude I feel, but it is genuine.

Thank you. Just, thank you.


Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

Though we've never met, I feel that through these exchanges in blogging have sufficed enough.

And it seems the media frenzy (at least here in the US) about these attacks in London have quieted down. But it does not lessen the amount of severity the issue still holds.

My thoughts and heart stays with you. E-mail me or catch me on AOL instant messenger (gmiller1944) if you have time.

4:15 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the explosions I have not thought of much else. My thoughts and prayers are with the good people of London. I feel as though what happened in London happened where I live. You are not alone.

7:29 pm

Blogger Bug said...

Everything I'd say has already been said, so I'm mentally sending you hugs and kisses, Lé

1:13 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, you said it really well, i dont really know how to do that

9:26 pm

Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

Still keeping London in my prayers. We're just glad your ok!

1:20 pm

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