Thursday, June 30, 2005

This entry is brought to you by the word merrrgh.

Merrrgh. I am hungover today. The world is an unfamiliar and bizarre place in which, as a general rule, people do not tuck me into bed enough.

On the bus this morning I'm pretty sure I sat on someone's lap by accident in a minor lapse of concentration. I also may or may not have made some rather ill-advised fashion choices. I should have known that today is clearly NOT the day for the floor length shot silk burgundy taffeta number I threw on after stumbling out of the shower in the manner of a tramp, but the alcohol was still lapping at my eyelids and I was finding it hard to see. Ahem.

What did I do to deserve such a hangover? Well. I went to Camden to see a band called Until She Says Sorry (which, interestingly enough, is the message my hangover is trying to get across. Ok, ok! Liver? I'm sorry. Better?). They were fantastic as usual and there was jumping and singing and a cover of that Team America song where people say 'fuck yeah' an awful lot. And we all sat there with our pints of beer being all sloshy over our wrists and watched them jump and shout and sing and had a jolly good time. Fuck yeah.

But, Oh Woe Is Me I am paying for it now. Why the beer? Why? It makes me all drunk and then I think I'm funny and clever and say things like 'yes I can map read and can get us from Camden to Shoreditch in a mere flash because I did A-level Geography- hand me that A-Z' and then promptly prove myself to be spectaularly wrong about that. And then it makes me wake up (and, obviously I use that phrase in the loosest possible manner) and feel like my head has been run over by an average to large sized tank and Celine Dion is wailing My Heart Will Go On into my right ear and won't shut up. And that, my friends, is some serious pain.

Also. £3.40 a pint? That's like, a million dollars (ish) a pint. And I had lots of pints. I'm not liking them there maths.

BUT. But but but it was all worth it because a) I wasn't the drunkest there and b) the band was grrreat and fun and c) I'm not telling you because it's a secret but if you come up and stand very close I'll whisper it in your ear and then blow in it really hard because that's the sort of person I am.

You noticed how I'm not mentioning my crush today? Well. I'm not because SOMETIMES PEOPLE UNEXPECTEDLY READ MY BLOG AND I DON'T KNOW IT.
Like, I got an email from my ex's new girlfriend. She reads it. And is probably feeling a little strange that I have written about her on the Internet when I haven't replied to her email but hey, there is no logic to my actions and I don't believe I ever pretended there was. Don't worry, I won't mention your name or post your email on the site, because that would be strange, and I am not yet that strange.

Anyway, my point is that if he reads this he'll know it's him I'm talking about, and my cool will be blown, and I don't want to compound that further.
(I know what you're thinking. You're all thinking Léonie? Seriously? ANY COOL LEFT ANYWAY?)

But I can't think about it, or anything else today as Celine is back in my ear and is warming up for a hearty rendition of Think Twice.



Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

Attention World:
Celine Dion is the Antichrist.

Hangovers are evil, too. I've never had one, seeing as I've never been drunk. I don't really drink at all either, but there are times where I would if I could.

I usually don't like the surprise of unexpected people reading my blog, but I wouldn't have met you if that hadn't have happened =)

1:54 pm

Anonymous bec said...

(In the tune of ner ner ne ner ner) "I know who Leonie luuuuuurvs!" : )

And I DO accept bribes. oh yes.

Where's my juicy email full of details, hey, hey?!


2:12 pm

Blogger Doug said...

Were you A) Really not the drunkest or B) was too drunk to think you weren't the drunkest. But seriously, who cares if he reads the blog. The guy could be as blind as I tend to be sometimes and read it and not even realize what he's reading. I've been doing crap like that my whole life.

2:17 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

I know too.

But I'm not telling.

Because I don't want Leonie to cut my balls off.

In the meantime, I think we should speculate. Maybe set up a sweepstake or something.

A poster - Evens
Dave next door - 2/1 against
Some guy from work - 3/1 against
A guy she met on public transport - 10/1 against
Zach Braff - 3000/1 against

And so on.

2:20 pm

Anonymous bec said...

I think it is something to do with the personal relationship she has with her pillow.


2:23 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

Now Bec. We certainly couldn't mention something as embarrassing as that on Léonie's blog. She'd kill us.

You know what might be better? Leaving tantalising hints as to Léonie's sordid proclivities so that public pressure forces her to divulge all in her next blog entry.

2:25 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Bec? Paul? Watch it you mo'fos. I know where you live.

And Doug? I DEFINITELY wasn't the drunkest because I know who was and he was HAMMERED and I was only elegantly drunk. I think.

2:35 pm

Anonymous Dawn said...

Sometimes it's important to hang on to the illusion of cool, even if you're the only one who believes it.

Also, I feel you on the hangover. Am having sympathy pains.

6:56 pm

Blogger Minkey Girl said...

Celine Dionnnnnnn?? Ewwwwww :)

7:14 pm

Blogger Rigmor said...

Well, I accidentially came across your blog, but you can be safe, as I have no clue about who you are.

While I do like Camden, maths and alcohol in London is rarely a good combination. (I haven't been in London THAT long, but surely long enough to know that alcohol around here is expensive.)

7:27 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i missed the celine dion thing..
£3.40...?? ok, i miss london a tiny bit less now..

8:09 pm

Blogger Doug said...

I'm not sure what pounds convert into as far as US $'s goes. I also agree with Minky about Celion Dion. Not a fan.

8:13 pm

Anonymous Reissmeister said...

I was NOT in anyway drunk, nor was I hungover like hell this morning. Nor did i, at 2330, order two LARGE glasses of wine for myself, because I didn't have enough cash for one and wouldn't accept card for less than £5.

Fuck Yeah.

9:50 pm

Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

For some strange reason this post made me want to hop the next flight to London and hang out with you.

2:59 am

Blogger Unknown said...

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9:00 pm


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