Wednesday, June 15, 2005

When Good Technology Goes BAD

Last weekend I went to Oxford to visit my good friend Mark. One of the reasons Mark is one of my good friends is the propensity he seems to have to make me laugh. A lot.
For example.

The scene: Sunday morning. Mark's room. I was in Mark's bed. Yes, I know, but it's ok because he was on a futon on the floor. Anyway, that's not what made me laugh.
Alarm clock on Mark's phone: Beep beep beepy beep WAKE UP I am very annoying aren't I beep beep (continues in same vein)
Mark: Wha...? huh..? but..? (presses a button frantically)
Alarm clock on Mark's phone: (sullen silence)


Mark: Zzzzzz
Léonie: (Elegant ladylike slumber)
Alarm clock on Mark's phone: (triumphantly) Beep beep beepy HA HA thought you'd got rid of me didn't you HA HA BEEEEEEP..
Mark: Just.. fuck it.. wha..? Motherfu.. (picks up phone. Presses snooze button.) Oh. That was RUDE.
Léonie: (through dreams of butterflies and rainbows [probably]) What was rude?
Mark: My phone just told me to snooze off.

Well. It made me laugh.

I had a lovely weekend. Took Monday off from work and hung out in Oxford, getting drunk and pretending that, like Mark, I was still at University and had just finished my finals. My favourite part was either the cheap cocktails, the croquet (which, as it turns out, I am shit at. I enjoyed it anyway. The true mark of a good sports person I think. Not caring that you're shit. Or maybe not. Whatever.) or the Sunday night thing with the live music. I had a fantastic time. So, Mark, thank you.

I am thrilled to be back at work though. I really am. Th-r-illed. I have discovered that if I ignore The Phone That Eternally Rings it is more annoying than actually answering it. I have also discovered that people don't like it when you follow them round the office for hours on end trying to tread on the backs of their shoes.

And also... actually no. That's all I learned. I want a cocktail and a short, lazy game of croquet, please.


Blogger Doug said...

I haven't played croquet in years. Since High School in fact. I went to a gradutation thing with my soon to be not wifes family at this cabin some aunt has and we were a little bored. Since croquet is not a typical sport played here we thought we would give it a try in the yard. We set everything up and started playing (it all reminded me of the movie Heathers). So anyway, I'm real bad at this little game. I ended the game when I hit a ball which went wildly away from where I was aiming and hit some girls ankle so hard you could actually hear this loud crack. To make a long story short, she went down, the ankle swelled (not broken thank goodness) and the croquet game (not to mention any game involving physical activity) ended.

4:44 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

The only way I know how to play croquet is when it involves other people instructing me on my every move, despite the fact that every time I play I get taught how to play it.

I guess the learning-by-repetition thing doesn't always apply.

9:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just took far too long to work out what 'soon to be not wife' meant.
i was youre soon, not,getting married...? silly me...

12:28 am

Blogger Doug said...

Soon to be ex-wife...looooooong story!

4:41 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, i worked it out eventually..sorry Léonie, taking over your comments with non-wife conversations!

10:28 am

Anonymous Lily Dumont... said...

Come and stay with me. We can not be students together. We can go out into Royston Vasey and befriend drunk Liverpudlian craftsmen, go to a fetish night and acquire keys... any number of fun things. Your blog is always a lot of fun, you know. Mine pales into insignificance. I'm in London doing a gig next wednesday (22nd) if you're free to come? Theatre Museum, Covent Garden... It's been ages, hasn't it? xxx

7:55 pm


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