Thursday, October 13, 2005

If I were to have a full frontal lobotomy and then write a post and put it on the Internet it would probably go something like this:

Right. Not much time. Not much brain. Not much.. er.. anything of note.

More gigs, so great! More stress, yeah, less so. Could've gone on holiday. But, gigs! So, no. I mean, gigs are great. Singing = childhood dream, yes I know. But holidays? Holidays = oh GOD so needed and lovely and I WANT ONE NOW. No, though.

They're booking EasyJet flights, but not for me.
They're buying factor thirty suncream, but not for me.
Though beaches call me near,
I must think of my career
So they're just not for me.

That is my song. I made it up with only minimal help and suggestions from professional songwriters.

My foot did not fall off. There was a close call at one point when I looked down and I thought I only had one foot, but it turned out I was doing an elaborate ballet move at the time and my other leg was above my head and therefore only temporarily out of sight. I felt silly then, I can tell you. But look what Mike made me to make my foot better! He is clever.

I went to see a play last night with Chris (who was reviewing it) and Bec (who also wrote notes even though she wasn't reviewing it). I came up with my own review on the train home:

This play was rubbish. Some things happened, but they have now temporarily escaped my mind because I spent the majority of the time doing A Very Hard Sum in my head because the suspense involved in finding out what happened at the end of that was more appealing than finding out what happened at the end of the play (the answer was 12975483.5, in the end, which I totally did not see coming). There was even sex-on-stage, which usually sparks interest. But not so much with this one.
To sum up: You know it's a bad sign when the interval happens and you turn to the person next to you, who simultaneously turns to you, and you both say, in tones of stark disbelief "No WAY. I thought that HAD to be the end. SHIT."

And that's being generous.

I had some wine in the interval, though. And before. And after. And a little bit in the second half. So that was alright.

Mmmm... wine.

Oh God got to go so much to do and things to organise and I am NOT CUT OUT to be an organiser does anyone want to be my manager please because I'm tired and people are horrible and I think maybe I need a sandwich with maybe some sort of cheese and possibly ham in it.

And Finally: OWWWWWWWWW! Period pains. Are my nemesis. But not to worry because HURRRRAAAAY! Nurofen. Is on my side.

And that? Is all I have.


Anonymous Jenny said...

Proceed with the childhood dream, but just know that you'll always have play reviewing to fall back on. lol

3:56 pm

Blogger Delarue said...

What was the play?

4:25 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Oh my God, Delarue. Hi.
Never met you cyberly before.
The play was The Blue Room. Which is actually a good-ish play. The production was TERRIBLE. The acting was vomit-poor. The sex scenes were about as erotic as my fallen-off foot.

Nice to meet you...

4:44 pm

Blogger Delarue said...

Ah the one that got famous for Nicole Kidman being naked. Shame it sucked so much

You wouldn't know me, I'm new

4:55 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

me me! ill be your manager! i need a job (again!) and am fairly organised. and have very sticky sticky tape incase any more of your limbs fall off.

5:51 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...


Someone beat me to it, in the race to be your new manager.

But at least I'm on the linklist on your blog! Yay I feel special.

ANYways, if you ever need creative art made for anything, or just want a random picture, you know who to call.

8:58 pm

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Good review - made me laugh! So happy that the foot is good and well. I was a bit worried there for a while.

11:32 am

Blogger Dancinfairy said...

Oh and that you for the link to my site. You are so kind!!!

11:35 am


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