Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday is for Feasting!


On a scale of 1 to 10 (10=highest), how sociable are you?

I am a very sociable person. I feel like I need an example of who might be a ten, so I can compare myself to them. I am trying to think of the most sociable person I know. Maybe Dan? Or perhaps my little sister?
I'd actually give myself a nine on this. Even a nine and a half. No, just a nine, actually.

Name 3 DVDs you currently own.
Kill Bill 1 and 2. Um... Shaun of the Dead.

If you were to win a superlative award now (such as most talented, class clown, most likely to succeed), what would it be?

Right now? Person Doing The Least Work But Who Is Busily Pretending To Be Busy And Also Important.

It is possibly not the first time I have won this award.

Main Course
What is your favorite radio station?

I like Xfm, Magic and Radio One. The fewer adverts and fewer pop songs the better. Sometimes Smooth FM can have some rockin' tunes on it, but nobody would admit to listening to Smooth FM so I won't, either.

Complete this sentence: I believe __________ because __________.

I believe that I am made of small pink hankies because I have taken copious amounts of hallucinogenic drugs.

Let's keep talking about underwear.

Once I went out with a guy who periodically wore y-fronts in various shades of blue, green and burgundy.



Anonymous impish little sister said...

Once and periodically seemingly contradictory can actually provide further detail when in the presence of three colour y-front wearers.

Sophie Higgins, class 9.

2:39 pm

Blogger lady miss marquise said...

Y fronts.

I'm sorry, even in solid colours they spoil the mood. One boy I dated once wore them, I was frightened.

Boys! And men! PANTS! Take care of your pride and joy! Shroud them in lovely fitted nice boy pants.

Y fronts never.

Unless they're from Prowler and they're funky.

2:57 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Sophie Higgins, class 9.

Your comment makes no real sense but luckily for you and your nonchalant French ways I have managed to decipher it, perhaps because we share some genetics. I think you are perhaps implying (get it? imp-lying? he he? ...he?) that I only went out with him once and yet I had the chance to see his undergarments periodically.

Well, I am shocked at your impertinence. SHOCKED. I am fanning myself with a small fan at the thought.

No no I meant that I went out with him, as in dated for about two months, and over that time I got to see his undergarments in a periodical manner.

(you remember? the strapping south african with the silly name?)

Lady M - I completely agree. Pants are make or break, really.

3:31 pm

Anonymous number1hypocrite said...

I admit I had to do a Google search to figure out what you meant by 'y fronts', (we call them briefs here in the States).

From personal experience, y-fronts are not comfortable. I'm a proud wearer of boxers. However, during the time I did wear the aforementioned unmentionables, the color of them was always white.

I think perhaps the guy you used to date might have been more in touch with his feminine side that most straight males.

8:36 pm

Blogger Ant said...

Not got much to say about the pants...

But I would like to point up the fact that you are the only other person in the world that I have ever heard expressing a fondness for Magic FM.

Well done - you rock (in a sweet kind of way)...

5:00 pm

Blogger Bug said...

If nothing else, although your strapping South African had the misfortune NOT to be wearing Bonds cotton boxer briefs in black (arguably the sexiest underpantaloons a man can wear), at LEAST his Ybies weren't in the nasty baggy grey most fans of that particular garment seem to favour

2:52 am


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