Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Job For You, Fair Reader.

In the post below are some photos. They are of me, mainly. A prize goes to the person who can spot Euan hiding in one of them.

Which one shall I have as my profile?

I think:

The first one looks stupid, and I look like an idiot. I actually hate that picture loads. I don't know why I would pose like that. Come on, could YOU feel affection for someone who posed like that? No, me neither.

The second one looks like I'm texting. Which I am. That isn't, however, my phone. Which is wherein the confusion lies. At the forefront of the photo is my huge gold ring, which temporarily replaced the sparkly ones.

The third one Euan looks as if he might bite my head off at any given moment, and I look sort of happy about it. I also look a bit squashed. Which I am not, in real life.

Anyway, please tell me which should go up in the corner bit. I know it's not much to choose from.

Two more things:

Thank you, Euan, for doing that. If you ever need a favour from someone whose speciality is being completely and utterly shit at technology, I'm your man.

I am over my break up. It turns out I am way more thick skinned than I thought and don't really care any more. Either that or I'm hugely fickle. Take your pick. Whatever it is I'm feeling miles better.


Blogger Ant said...

I don't think you really hate that first one :o) It's lovely and would be my choice...

10:16 am

Anonymous Mark said...

i have a photo of you sitting on African music legend Youssou NDour's brother's knee with a half empty bottle of champagne in your hand in a posh flat in Notting Hill which I think sums up the complexities of your character in a far more appropriate manner. Can email it....

10:54 am

Blogger Léonie said...

Ant - I actually sort of do hate it. It's more the smarmy look I have on my face than anything else. Thank you for saying it's lovely, though.

Mark - Please, please email me that photo, if indeed you do have it. I remember that night so clearly. Like it was only seven second ago...

11:00 am

Blogger Adz said...

I like the second picture, I think you should use that!

And now if I ever see you walking around Clapham, I can point and stare

3:19 pm

Anonymous Adrian said...

I think the second one. It's natural, it's in motion and it's cute.

3:52 pm

Anonymous Paul said...

The third one. It adds an element of confusion and mystery. 'Who is this strange Léonie girl? And why is she so apparently happy that that man is about to eat her head?'

I think it strikes exactly the right tone.

Glad you're feeling better.

8:10 pm

Blogger Jonathan said...

I like the second one also.

8:16 pm

Blogger Miss Devylish said...

First one.. way lovely! Agree w/ Ant. But if you hate it, I do understand. But then, put up more options..

So glad you're over it. Yay! Now I need to get there.. can you mail that feeling?

8:16 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry if this posts twice, i wrote a comment just now but i dont think it worked.

i would go for the third option, its natural and spontanious looking. the first one is nice too but in some way it looks like youre trying to take your face off, sort of

12:14 am

Anonymous dave said...

No 2 defo - more mysterious!

12:13 pm

Anonymous dave said...

p.s. euan is in no. 3 and I claim my prize!

12:17 pm

Anonymous A random stranger said...

I have no idea who this "Euan" fellow is you speak of but that chap in the last photo is jolly handsome.

10:45 pm

Blogger Léonie said...

Hello random stranger. Welcome. Come in from the cold and warm yourself at the blazing blogging hearth.

It is interesting that you should ask about this 'Euan' character, as he is, as he appears in the photo, more than a little deranged. Whenever they take him out on a day out from the asylum I allow him to have his picture taken with me to give him something to treasure and to distract him from all that rocking back and forth, leaping at padded walls and the like.

He is a gentle chap. Just not quite... normal.

I thank you for your enquiry.

9:29 am


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